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So you ended up quitting college. What is your occupation now?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) October 16th, 2012

I don’t believe that college is for everyone. What did you end up doing after quitting college?

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I own a small business doing Web site xevelopment, am a Yahoo! Small Business Partner, and specialize in Yahoo! Stores and ecommerce in general. And, I was majoring in chemistry. Go figure.

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I am President of a construction company and am semi retired. Most of our income comes from investing in apartments several years ago. I was a Real Estate Broker and an Apartment Property Manager too. Early on I worked in Menral Health. I also spent several years in Retail Management. (Yes, I’m old. )
I was majoring in education.

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My ex quit college to put plastic wrapping on bicycle seats. Now go figure that one out.
She was studying A levels, one of them was Psychology. Really…..I mean try to figure it out, because when I think about it, I don’t know what she was hoping to achieve there.
As for me, I’m looking into going to Uni – but that’s all I’m saying about that!

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I left my BA.soc.sci to become a salesperson, mainly in finance. For many years I did very well and had a good lifestyle. Now I wish I had finished my degree.

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I worked as a financial analyst for a bank, then was a stay at home mom for ten years or so. Now I am finishing my degree.

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I was a Psychology major for 1.5 years. I dropped out – in part because I didn’t want to have to continue through post-graduate studies before I could start working – and worked as an office clerk for a couple years. I realized there was no career path there that would get me to a point that I’d earn a livable wage, so I want back to community college. There, I leafed through the course catalogue and took electives that seemed interesting to me—one if which was Voice and Diction, which got me interested in Speech Pathology.

Once I graduated with my A.A. degree, I transferred to a Bachelor’s program in Communication Sciences. I knew Speech Therapy was not a good career goal for me within a few weeks, but I had no plan “B”, so I stayed in the program. The following semester, I had to take Audiology 101. I had never heard of Audiology before, but I knew that first day that it was the right career for me.

So I ended up in a career that required a Master’s after all. I won’t pretend that I enjoyed all that school work, but having finally found an interesting career goal made it much more palatable.

It’s more than 20 years later, and I still love what I do. The entry level degree in Audiology is now a Doctorate, and many of my colleagues have gone back to school to get the title. It is not a requirement, and so I’ve been reluctant to do it… I really never liked school work.

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I changed my major three times before dropping out with only one year to go. I had no clue what I wanted to do. Mom suggested that I get a job in a hotel as I enjoyed it during summer breaks. That was in 1984. The next 25 years were spent with the same hotel company, in four different cities, and in 17 different jobs. The last one was as Director of Training for the hotel chains. The money was great, most of the jobs were enjoyable, and I got to travel all over the US.

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I droped out of university to work in investment banking. Now I’m a specialist nurse with a PhD and lecture at the university I dropped out of. Fuck knows how that happened.

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I didn’t even start college, I left school at 16 and have worked in a few office based jobs before training and starting work as a dog trainer. I am currently studying Canine Health and Welfare alongside my job.

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Directly after leaving College I was an long distance operator (actually plugging lines into lights on a board). Now, I assemble and maintain telecommunications computers and multiplexers.
That said, I wish I had done better in college.

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Jill of all trades, master of a few. lol
I have been a stay at home mom, worked in real estate, interior design, retail, wildlife rehab. as a community youth leader, assisted living care, pet and house sitting, wine bar hostessing in my vineyard and winery zone and currently am pursuing some freelance writing, work on call for a local retailer in my tourist community, watch a 7 yr. girl weekends.
I miss interior design but being a luxury biz. design work has been scarce the last year or two now.

I choose to live in a small tourist community and hour out of the city so I earn my way anyway I can based on opportunities in the moment.
I have always liked having my hand in multiple pots and crave flexibility and diversity in my work. I prefer having 2–3 jobs over one, I bore easily and like to stay active and creative in areas that allow a multitude of diversity.

I was not cut out to be a paper pusher in an office, at all. I cannot sit still for more than a short while and micro-managing brings up my murderous side. lol

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My first job after quitting college was as a wages clerk. I’ve also done data-entry, basic accounting, general clerical work, catering, sales and (where I am now) customer service, which is what I like the best so far.

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I quit college for a variety of reasons, mostly an issue with my father, but anyway I started making money in real estate and decided instead of loans I would make money leaving myself debt-free.

I currently work in major media earning about $30k a year in Missouri, which is decent for a woman w/o a degree here.

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@KNOWITALL “about $30k a year in Missouri,” I’d settle for that here in California. With clever budgeting I think 30K is earns a pretty common/dignified life style.

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@_Whitetigress This turned out to be a great question to let us get to know one another better. Thanks for posting it.

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@)whitetigress I’m surprised at that! A lot of people move here because they say they’ve sold their house in CA and our cost of living is so much lower that they are pretty well off here, so I always assumed the wages corresponded.

My husband is ill often so half the time it’s only my $30k and whatever he’s well enough to earn, but without his medical bills we’d probably be doing fairly well for our area.

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