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Ok be honest how many unopened e mails do you have?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) October 17th, 2012

Just wondering. I have to many to mention.

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269 (mostly spam) and counting.

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None, I try to keep my email as close to empty as possible at all times.

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Zero. I dont even save/archive emails. Once they’re read they’re trashed and wiped.

Probably not a good idea, but it hasn’t screwed me yet!

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More than 200.

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zero. I monitor my e-mails very closely every day. I read the real ones and delete the spam

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None. There are people who don’t answer their email? What’s up with that?

Maybe the problem is that you don’t manage spam well? Or can’t be bothered to unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t want anymore?

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My Inbox has 7612 unopened emails.. I am terrible.
If I don’t get to it in 2 days it gets buried in the noise.

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Ok, for the people who have hundreds of unopened emails… what do you do with them, leave them in the Inbox? Doesn’t that make it impossible to tell what you’re currently working on?

Why not delete or archive them if you never plan to read them? Just make a fresh start and see how that goes?

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@glacial I respond to all the emails from “actual people” as soon as I see that I have a new message, but somehow never get around to sorting through and deleting the junk messages…

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My personal email has no unread messages (but I have deleted many without reading them). I’ve done a very good job of keeping it spam-free.

Once becoming a mod, I set up a second email address which now contains 1,386 unread emails. I get an email for every single piece of spam removed, so it’s meta-spam, spam about spam.

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@LuckyGuy That explains why you haven’t answered my proposition yet.
I clean my email out daily. I delete spam and read the ones that are from friends or family. I figure if someone has taken the time to email me, I should read it and respond in a timely manner.

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^ Agreed. And I report & delete spam immediately, so I get almost none (gmail filters are very, very good at this). It also helps that I don’t use my main email address for things like purchases, newsletters, memberships, etc. – so I don’t get any third-party spam. All of that goes to an email address that I almost never check, and which I don’t share with anyone I ever want to hear from again. :)

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69 and I just emptied it yesterday

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Same answer as @mangeons.

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None. I am on this.

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I have over 1900 unread emails in my work account. These include Google Scholar alerts I haven’t yet had time to deal look at and other similar content that I will look at when I come to do research that relates to those alerts. My work requires me to subscribe to certain online forums, some days I don’t get to read the content. I also have news subscriptions I often don’t get around to reading. Like @LuckyGuy though, things also get buried before I can file them.

I have to flag things I need to action. My flagged content is up-to-date.

I also don’t like the way Gmail works and I now have to use Gmail for work.

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Quite a few, but they’re all notifications for sites I attend, and which I don’t really need to know about since I get the notifications when I hit the sites. Same for FaceBook. I usually leave them for a few weeks though, just in case I’m absent from a place for a while. Always good to know. Also I got this mail from some guy named Chuck the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse who wrote in the subject heading; I’m goona collect your teeth. I’m too scared to go open it.

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4193. All jung. It was up to about 20,000 at one point but I marked them all as read.

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I cheat. I sort it automatically, and then I mark everything as read all at once for things like ads from airlines, etc.

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7772 in yahoo mail alone as of a minute ago.

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@gondwanalon I thought I was bad at 1161 but woo you’ve got me beat.

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Zero, don’t get a huge number of e-mails luckily

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I have 3 e-mail accounts that I use/check on a regular basis that don’t have any unread messages (unless I’ve gotten new messages in the past hour or so). I have 2 other e-mail accounts I use to sign up for various sites and stores that I don’t check as often. I just checked them for this and they each had almost 300 unread messages, but now have none.

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My work email… 581.

My personal email… you’d be wishing it conflutherations.

I can’t be arsed.

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I’ve been using the same email account for a few years now… it’s got 2,000+ The old one? Over 40,000

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None. Since I switched to gmail a few years ago I stopped subscribing to dumb shit. The only emails I now get other than personal ones are from Planned Parenthood (and I’m sure those will dwindle after the election) and just yesterday I unsubscribed from Travelzoo. Ocassionally Apple or Flickr will send me one, but it’s very rare. This is the way I like it.

Now, my old yahoo account which I no longer use except to log in to facebook, probably has 4000 unread. Yeeeee!!

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I just checked my yahoo account again. 7617 unopened. (Ive had this account for 16 years.)

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I have had up to 300. I erase every one that comes from people or companies with whom I am not familiar. There I also select all on my junk mail. I have a couple email accounts and erase 95% of my mail without opening it. Turn off your read pane.too.

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