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How is Jesus known as a prophet to the Islamic people?

Asked by thequestion123 (233points) October 18th, 2012

In the Quran, it says that Jesus was a prophet. It mentioned that, but what is he the prophet of, according to Muslims? He was already dead before the Islamic religion even began.

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It’s all right here Jesus in Islam

All the prophets are considered Muslims even if they lived before Mohammed and therefore Islam

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He’s a prophet of Allah. Jesus, according to the Quran, was a Muslim (along with a number of other famous Biblical figures, like Adam and Moses.)

It’s what’s known in fiction-writing as a ret-con.

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Him being dead does not make a difference. A number of Christian prophets were dead before their prophecies came to be.

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But how is he the prophet of Allah when he died before Islam began? Sorry to be a pain but my history teacher says that Jesus was not a prophet of Islam.

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@thequestion123 because Allah and the Judeo-Christian diety known simply as God are one and the same. The Abrahamic Religions

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@thequestion123 I am thinking your history teacher is not Muslim, nor a religion teacher. It matters what the Muslims say about Jesus for your question, not other religions. I am guessing your teacher is Christian and only cares about her religion’s definition of Jesus. But, I hate to assume.

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@thequestion123 I think your history teacher is letting their own religious beliefs sway them. Muslims consider Jesus to be a prophet, therefore he is a prophet of Islam.

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@thequestion123 you know how Christians believe that Moses was a prophet of the Christian god? It’s the exact same thing—Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet of the Muslim god. Allah, the Muslim god, is supposed to be the same guy as Yahweh (the Jewish and Christian god). So, according to Islam, all of Yahweh’s prophets were actually Muslims—and the stories you hear about them in Jewish and Christian texts, while on the right track, have been corrupted.

I mentioned retconning but there’s a technical religious-studies term for this kind of thing is syncretism. It’s when a new religion (like Islam) incorporates elements from an older religion (like Christianity and Judaism). The new religion is then defined as an “updated version” of the old one.

Lots of religions do the same thing, including Christianity itself. Other ancient Roman religions incorporated Egyptian gods, like Osiris, into Roman mythology. It happens in modern religions too. In Mormonism, Jesus is a prophet of the Mormon god (who is a space alien). Many cults claim that popular religious figures like Jesus and Muhammad were, in fact, prophets of their cult.

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No. She is a religion teacher. But she’s not Muslim.

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Let’s cut the fellow’s history teacher some slack. In reality, Jesus was not a prophet of Islam because Islam did not exist when Jesus lived. Likewise, Jesus did not actually come to the Americas and minister to native Americans, despite Mormon beliefs that he did. These stories about Jesus were invented by people long after Jesus died.

But it’s true that Muslims believe Jesus was a Muslim prophet, and it’s true that Mormons believe that Jesus was a native-American-ministering son of a space-alien god.

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@thequestion123 She is a religion teacher? Comparitive religion? Or, Christianity? Judaism? Mormon? Catholic? Buddhism? What religion is she teaching?

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Christianity, Islamic, and Judaism.

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@thequestion123 I am pretty sure the Muslims believe Jesus to be a medsiah. Pretty important. The Christians refer to the old testament, which is before Christianity, what’s the difference?

Didn’t you ask a question like this a week ago?

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@JLeslie, medsiah = messiah? Muslims do not believe Jesus is the messiah. He’s just another prophet, like Moses or Noah. In the Quran, Jesus is “quoted” as saying he is not the son of god, too.

There is a messiah-like figure in Shi’ite Islam, called the Mahdi. Shi’ites believe that Islam is based around magical leaders called imams (sort of like Catholic popes). According to some strains of Shi’ism, the 12th imam was a child who went into a kind of magical hiding, called “occultation,” and one day in the future he will come out of this magic hiding state and rule the world before judgment day.

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@Qingu Messiah, it was a typo. I thought in Islam Jesus is the first Messiah? My knowledge of the religion is very weak.

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In Islam, Jesus (Isa; Arabic: عيسى‎ ʿĪsā) is considered to be a Messenger of God and the Masih (Messiah) who was sent to guide the Children of Israel.

Numerous titles are given to Jesus in the Quran and in Islamic literature, the most common being al-Masīḥ (“the messiah”).


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@Qingu Isn’t this link saying what I thought? Not that wikipedia is the Gospel or anything (pun intended).

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I guess that Jesus wouldn’t identify as being Muslim any more than he would identify with being Christian. He’s a Jew.

But since the words Islam and Muslim both translate to mean “submission to God” and “one who submits to God”, it is not inaccurate to say that he was a Muslim prophet, or that any one else the Qu’ran identifies as “people of the book” (Judeochristians) aren’t either.

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@thequestion123 Why did you call your teacher a history teacher when she is a religion teacher? Or, does she teach both? Or, in your school is religion taught as history?

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She teaches both.

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@thequestion123 I see. So, I assume you have a text book for your religion class, what does it say about Jesus in the Muslim religion?

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@JLeslie @RareDenver, wow, I was completely wrong. I had no idea Jesus had that title in Islam too! The more you know…

The Wiki does have this caveat, which I guess is what I was thinking of:

“Another title frequently mentioned is al-Masīḥ, which translates to “the Messiah”. This does not correspond to the Christian concept of Messiah, as Islam regards all prophets, including Jesus, to be mortal and without any share in divinity.”

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It doesn’t say anything about that. I’m just asking this because I’m doing a research essay and there are no answers to this question on the internet.

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While were at it. Can you please tell me the difference in how Jesus was viewed in the Islamic and Christian religion?

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@thequestion123 How can you be studying Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the text book does not say anything about Jesus in Islam? That does not sound like a true study of the three Abrahamic religions, but rather a slanted one. Each religion has their own take on what happened and who did what.

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@thequestion123 Did you read the links we have provided? If you are doing an essay you might want to go to the library or book store.

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@thequestion123, the differences are pretty big.

In Christianity, Jesus is the central figure. In Islam, Jesus is not the central figure (Muhammad is).

In Christianity, Jesus is the son of God. In Islam, Jesus is not the son of God.

In Christianity, Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected. This death and resurrection is central to the way Christians are “saved” and escape God’s punishment. In Islam, Jesus didn’t die on the cross at all. And Muslims are saved from punishment directly by God, by submitting to him.

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@thequestion123 Jesus is viewed in a similar way by both Islam and Christianity with the vital difference being that Muslims do not believe he was the incarnation or son of god and that he was not crucified or resurrected but rather ascended bodily to heaven bit like the rapture

They both believe he was born of Mary and it was a virginal birth.
They both believe he performed miracles and healed the sick (although Islam is clear that these miracles were given by God through Jesus and not from Jesus’ own powers)
They also both believe that Jesus will return at Judgement Day and defeat the ‘false-messiah’ Maybe Romney is the return of Jesus?

Jesus is the most important human character in Islam second only to Mohammed, whom Jesus foretold the coming of.

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@RareDenver Isn’t Mohammed the second coming?

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@JLeslie No, Mohammed was the final prophet of Allah. Muslims are still waiting for the second coming of Jesus the Messiah

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FYI, Jesus’s “fake crucifixion” and ascension in Islam are similar to ideas from the heretical sect of Christians called Docetics. It’s possible that a strand of Docetism made its way into Arabia and that’s where ol’ Muhammad and his buddies got the idea.

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I find the wiki entry posted earlier to be an interesting one, not merely because there’s lots to read about it, but because at least one part of that wikki entry mentions the following :

” The Quran mentions Jesus by name twenty-five times, while it only mentions Muhammad by name four times.”

If that’s the case, then why do Islamic people get pissed at someone taking the mickey out of Muhammed, but barely a whisper seems to be mentioned at anyone taking the mickey out of Jesus?

It’s okay to bash Christianity, but not okay to bash Islam?

Just wondering is all.

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@lightsourcetrickster, while Muhammad’s name might not be mentioned too much, he is the figure through which the Quran is told to humanity (because, allegedly, he was sitting in a cave when God magically gave him the words for the Quran and told him to recite it). So I think the wiki is a bit misleading; M is still very much the central figure.

And supposedly, Muslims do get pissed when you mock Jesus, or at least the Muslim version of Jesus. The Muslims who are enraged about Muhammad-mockery often say they want to outlaw insults against all prophets, not just Muhammad. Of course, it is unlikely that one could whip the global ummah into a murderous frenzy simply by insulting Jesus or Moses, so there’s obviously a more complicated mechanics at work.

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@lightsourcetrickster I would guess those who “bash” Jesus come across typically as offending Christian, and that is the intent also most likely. Mohammed is only a figure in Islam of the Abrahamic religions, so targeting Mohammed is obviously anti-Muslim. It’s about symbolism more than anything I think. Which figure within the religion symbolizes that religion that it would convey to an audience what the author or artist is speaking about.

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As I understand it the prophets were sent to complete various tasks for God but were also paving the way so to speak for their successor each time. Christians believe that Jesus was the ultimate and final in the line whereas Muslims believe that although Jesus was a great and holy prophet Mohammed was the last. Jesus was preparing the world for Mohammed and the Koran.
It’s a shame that we don’t have anything written by Jesus only reports/gospels written by some people many years after his death, people are only human and who knows if they changed things about a bit.
It might be that he never said he was the actual son of God only meaning it in the way of God is the father of all things and therefore we are all his children who knows.

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Jesus could have said he was the son of god and simply been lying, delusional, or some combination of both, just like most cult leaders. I have no doubt that Muhammad was lying when he claimed a magical voice spoke the words of the Quran to him in a cave.

We don’t need to assume that the so-called prophets of these religions were good people whose teachings were just corrupted by overzealous or dishonest followers. I find it much more likely that they were charlatans, since that is typically how religions get started. See, for example, this guy and this guy.

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According to the the Quran every Prophet was a Muslim (Muslim=One who submits his will to Almighty God). And every Prophet that came onto Earth preached a similar message of Islamic Monotheism. Hence we Muslims believe that Islam was since the time when Adam (pbuh) came down to Earth.

Now coming to Jesus Christ (pbuh),

I) Position of Jesus (pbuh) in Islam:

(i)Islam is the only non-Christian faith, which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus (pbuh). No Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus (pbuh).

(ii) We believe that he was one of the mightiest Messengers of Allah (swt).

(iii) We believe that he was born miraculously, without any male intervention, which many modern day Christians do not believe.

(iv) We believe he was the Messiah translated Christ (pbuh).

(v) We believe that he gave life to the dead with God’s permission.

(iv) We believe that he healed those born blind, and the lepers with God’s permission.

For more watch This and This

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