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Are there some scary, unexplained videos out there?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1586points) October 18th, 2012

Just thought about it since I’m in the Halloween season mood. Does anyone know scary clips on Youtube of something unexplained? Like maybe someone witnessed a strange noise, a strange/freaky figure in the distance, something like that? I always wanted to find some, but I run into stupid videos of people photoshopping things/trolling around.

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Get a video cam. Turn it on in the dark in front of a mirror. Then whisper three times. Romney, Romney, Romney… : )

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What do you think this is?

This might be real I’m not real sure if it is but I do love how the dogs react and the one dog barks at the paper towel like it was surprised.

These are supposed to be real, however to my knowledge with things like the movie Paranormal Activity, it’s really hard to say.

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This is terrifying.

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