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Have you met a person with a really nice aura around them? Details inside.

Asked by Shippy (9870points) October 19th, 2012

I’m feeling slightly freaked out today and would like some insight into this. I am currently selling my home.

People remark when they walk into my home, that it has an unreal aura about it. It is amazing they say. The agent has remarked upon it too. It’s not just one or two remarks but every person.

Today was awful pouring with rain and dreary outside, and another viewer was due around 5pm. I decided to stay in my computer room on Fluther actually, and let them get on with it.

When the viewers came in I heard them say “Oh wow what an amazing aura this place has”. OK, so I was used to hearing it by now.

She saw my massage room, and asked me if I would massage her? I said of course and wrote down my number in order for her to contact me. She said, the aura is coming from you. Then she asked if I would touch her? So by now I am finding all this freaky right!

Well, I’ve been so depressed the last two years, how can I have a nice aura?Most the time I feel awful inside So how come they are slaying this, it’s just odd? Any feedback appreciated.

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Your ability to heal with soothing massage doesn’t mean you can’t be depressed. You can still be a loving person and have depression.

I have an unpopular view on Fluther. I believe there is something that transcends what we can see and experience with our five senses. However, I don’t call that god, so I don’t fit in with theists. I don’t know what it is.

I believe in auras and energy. I have been in places that felt good and right, and I’ve had the opposite experiences. If you are working with your hands to help people heal, I believe that will exude itself in the room and from your person.

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My dearest new friend is a bipolar man who had a traumatic childhood and a terrible divorce. Yet another friend described him as “Jesus-like” because he radiates such a sweet and calming presence. It is uncanny.

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@janbb and @Hawaii_Jake Thanks for the insights, perhaps yes, great struggles and deep depressions gift you with new approaches to life. It’s strange, my life is far from perfect but I feel a great sense of peace, mixed in with terrible anxiety. But, I will say that this depression has given me a new vision. I love and have passion for my massages. I hope I can continue in my new life in the UK. :)

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I don’t know if this is really what you’re getting at but there are definitely people whose presence makes me more at ease, even when I was relaxed to begin with. As though they release some internal gear I didn’t even know was locked. That effect seems to have been there from day one and just works, even when they’re depressed and mine is the shoulder they’re crying on I still get this sense of well-being with them. I’ve had people tell me I have an “aura” too, something that makes them feel a certain way.

I’m not sure how much credence I give all that, I always chalked it up to attracting and “keeping” a certain type of person more than others, but I can’t deny getting an occasional sense around someone that doesn’t seem based on nonverbal communication and micro-expressions.

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Yes, I have. He was a homeless Vietnam vet who frequented the beach where my friends and I spent much of our time when I was going to college and living in San Luis Obispo, CA. He was the kindest man and nothing could bring this man down. His spirit was amazing. My friends and I loved spending time chatting with him. I’ll never forget him.

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I believe that experiencing depression can make you more empathetic to others. I think it can help you understand others better. People may experience that as an aura. You well know that we can put out an incredible level of energy at times, and sometimes that energy is very powerful and positive, and sometimes it conveys other things. But people feel it, and we feel it, too.

After I got sick, there was a short period of time when I was seeing auras, especially on my children. It was very weird and it has gone away. I don’t know what it meant. If anything.

But I would trust that people can feel the energy you put off and that you have put into your home. Plus it probably has a good orientation to the city and maybe even good views. These are all things that people might interpret as a good feeling. It’s a good thing, and I hope it gets you a better offer on your place.

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Yes. Some people just exude joy and understanding. They are like magnets, people swarm towards them to get a piece of their “light.”

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You stamp your personality on a house over the years through your choice of furnishings, pictures and lighting. You make the house a home and people will notice this and feel comfortable in it. Perhaps if you feel you don’t have a nice inner world you have created a pleasant outer world instead and have projected your ‘aura’ into that world.

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@jonsblond That’s such a lovely story it is amazing where one can find this, in the most unexpected places. I say ‘this’ as I am still trying to fathom it. @wundayatta Yes, I hope I do get a good offer, apparently this last viewer is putting one in by Monday at the asking price! So that is good news. For a time, a while back, I did card readings. I gave them up due to personal reasons. I found at times I was very psychic. Why I mention this is, because a psychiatrist mentioned how psychic a lot of bipolar patients are. That in itself is a whole different topic but correlates a lot to what you say. If I am reading it correctly. I am no longer psychic and see this as a good thing. @flutherother A revelation yes, indeed, so chaotic internally and sad, and gloomy yet my home is warm and inviting good point. @JLeslie I love those types of people, and they are great to be around. And quite rare really. @wonderingwhy Well I think that is a great gift to have, to bring peace to others.

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I pick up things in seconds from meeting people and I’ve been told I give off something. I don’t know if it’s an aura, but I tend to calm people and put them at ease.

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Just shows that what you feel inside, is only part of your reality. When you can enjoy what they sense about you; because it’s there whether you know it or not, then you’ll be truly well. When someone mentions it, try to feel it in that moment. It will be a sense of peace for you. I hope that day comes soon.

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Oh, how I agree with @Sunny2.
Also, I think we can project a healing or calming presence even when we don’t necessarily feel that same sense (inwardly) for ourselves. A dear friend who lived through a long abusive marriage to an alcoholic who emotionally and physically damaged her for years and years is among the most amazing Reiki healers I’ve ever met. She may have deep pains of her own, but she has an amazing healing touch for others, too.

I’ve always attracted people who approach me and start telling me more than they meant to.. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard: ”..I didn’t mean to say all that..but..” or ”..I don’t know why I’m telling you this..” I’d have no need of working another day and could stay home and eat bon-bons. I’ve had women approach me in an airport bathroom and start telling me about their incontinence issues (apropos of nothing)..
People approach me for directions in foreign cities (London, Tokyo, Munich, New York) in which I’m sometimes clearly not a resident…or even come up to me instead of a Gate Agent working for the airline to ask questions! Go figure.
It’s like I just exude this friendly tour-guide/mom/helper vibe and people see me as entirely nonthreatening and approachable… which is really quite funny because I’m actually rather introverted and don’t especially want to talk to any of these folks… but, again, what it seems like on the outside doesn’t necessarily match with what’s going on inside, eh?

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