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Do you think people look stupid when they wear their phone earsets all the time?

Asked by loser (15027points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone

They kind of make me think “We are Borg…”

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yes!! My mom thinks she’s so hip because she has a Bluetooth headset but she’s such a nerd. Haha

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ha i don’t think it’s weird.
only when i don’t know they’re on it and i think they’re talking to themselves, ha thats the best.

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I think it’s a secret plan implemented by the health service. To free up spaces in mental institutions, they’ve signed out all the people talking to voices in their heads and given them a bluetooth headset, so noone will know they’re mad…..they can pass for sales people!

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yes! especially weird/rude while at the dinner table

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I get annoyed with so many people wearing the apple earphones. I love macs but those earbuds SUCK. The sound quality is bad and they don’t even fit my easr well at all. Also, people wear them so proudly as if it were a fashion statement. Being a consumer who got baited into loving a product does not make you cool.

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I hate when someone has it in and they’re facing so you can’t see it, and they start talking saying hey what’s up and stuff like that, and I always respond back and say oh not much, but then they interupt me and go on about something else and I’m like huh? Oh, youre on your phone…

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It is crazy exactly how much non-verbal meaning we’ve been conveying all these years by holding our phones up to our heads.

I’ll never go back to wired hands-free earpieces, but I am seriously thinking about walking around with my hand contorted in the surfer’s shaka sign, thumb-to-ear, pinky-to-mouth universal symbol to get back to that non-verbal announcement that “No, I’m not talking to you… I’m on the phone!”

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I am now fascinated by all the different types of formal and hand gestures.

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Yes! That’s exactly what I think too loser haha…I also think of those lobots from Star Wars!

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It’s such a coincIdence that this question would come up now. I have a cordless headset for my job, and I walk around with it all day. I feel so dorky with it on! But it’s easier to just leave it on than to keep taking it on and off when I leave my desk. (Besides, it would mess up my hair!)

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I work is customer service and I hate when I am talking with a customer and then they answer a call. Totally rude, I walk away. Polite people and common sense are disappearing with advances in technology.

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@willbrawn I know what you mean. Rude people suck!!

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In agreement with @willbrawn, and I will raise you…

It really punches my buttons when the customer service rep at a joint answers the phone, telling me to wait. “Hey dude! I’m physically here. I went to the trouble of making the journey to this place, and you’re gonna make me wait so you can jump on the phone and talk to that lazy bastard.”

That said, it really punches other buttons of mine if I call a place during business hours and they don’t pick up the phone. Gargh!

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No. It’s just really embarrassing when they say hello and you start talking then they say that they’re on the phone. awkward

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robmandu for the win!!

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Hehehe We are borg. I loved that. he. I just picture a bunch of preppy young just out of college business majors who are all angry because that used to be their thing.

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unless they are me. cause i dont look stupid sportin my toof.

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