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How to find a person in Holland from a phone number?

Asked by cille (5points) October 21st, 2012

Hi everyone, I met this amazing guy from Holland, I got his phone number but unfortunately I did not got furthermore information about him. I know that his phone number begins with +31, which I think is the international country code, the next digit is 6, and I will keep the last 8 digits secret. Does anyone no how to find a person from Holland by his phone number? I really need your help! ;)

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The best way is to call him and ask him.

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In America, there is something called a Criss-Cross or Reverse Directory in which you can look up people by their phone numbers. Go online and see if something like that exists for Holland.

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I don’t know if it even still exists and works like it used to, I have not used it in over a decade, but it gives names and addresses from phone numbers. (land line only, no mobiles). At least 10 years ago when I last used it.

The site is still online, but very different to how I remember it back in the 90’s.

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+31 is the country code indeed, and the 6 indicates that it is a mobile phone number (they always start with 06 – I suppose this also is the case in most other countries?).

Usually, you can enter a phone number at However, since this is a mobile phone number, I don’t think it is registered. Thus, I’m afraid you’ll have to call him and hope he answers with ”<name> speaking”. If not, it’s up to you to avoid an awkward situation :P

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Oh, you could also try whether he has a Facebook profile with his phone number listed publicly. Be sure to replace the +31 with a 0, and enter the full number (in the form 06xxxxxxxx) in the search box. (And if you’re really desperate, perhaps if he’s from around my area he might have set his phone number to be visible to friends of friends, which means I’d have a slightly larger chance of finding him. Really really long shot, but if your search doesn’t turn up anything you could have me try it.)

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I agree with calling him. Why not, you have the complete phone number.

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Here in Norway, we can do reverse look-ups for almost any number, including mobile numbers. I would have a go looking it up on the site @Vincentt provided.

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What information are you trying to find exactly? Do you remember his name? Personally, I say just call him and go from there. I think it’s a little bit much to start searching out where he lives and more information about him on the internet. If you are interested in talking to him and getting to know him, call him. If you don’t remember his name, just be honest when you talk to him.

Also, while I’m sure @Vincentt is not planning to do anything malicious with this guy’s number if you were to give it to him for him to help you find this guy, please respect his privacy and don’t share his number with others in your pursuit to find more information.

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Yes, I don’t understand why you do not call him if you have his complete number. What else do you need to find about him, his street address, birth weight and dogs name?

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Here’s another site that supposedly works for mobiles though i’ve never tried it.

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fill in the name on or check maybe that will work mobile numbers will begin with 00316….following

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@Vincentt 07 in Sweden.

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04 in Australia!

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@flutherother Doesn’t find my Dutch number…

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