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Try this part of the wikipedia article: Sugar, human health it’s a simple run down but it’s a little bit to get you started :)

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IT’S NOT BAD FOR YOU the ppl who invented that fake sugar paid the nutritionists to say sugar is bad so they would get more sails.

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Sugar makes the world go round =^_^=

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why is anything bad for you? bad stuff taste good. a big steak its good but bad. fried bar food, mozzarella sticks, fried mushrooms good but bad. bacon mmmm but it will clog your veins. sugar, at least its not cocaine.

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Well technically sugar is only bad for you if you have too much, then again just eating bananas and apples all day every day isn’t exactly good for you :)

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Because it tastes good.

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because people can’t control their amounts of food and the eat and eat and eat and they get fat. Its not bad For you just control the amounts

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What are the sugar people going to do with all the ”sails”?

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Haha, Spargett, you beat me to the punch. I was going to ask the exact same question. If I was the fake sugar company, I would have just bought the sails myself.

@Melonking- Why would the sugar company take money to say their product is bad? Wouldn’t that be counter productive to their sales and therefor against what the company originally set out to do?

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I’m really surprised no one has given the actual answer yet, which is that we need sugar to live. Sugar is broken down to carbohydrates, which provide the body with energy. However, if we ingest too much sugar, the body stores the excess energy as fat. The key is to only eat the amount of sugar your body needs.

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@Ezra. Your answer is both right and wrong. The body does need sugar to survive, mainly because the brain can only metabolize glucose (a simple sugar molecule). Other organs prefer glucose but they can also utilize ketones (and some organs can utilize fat directly). However, a human can survive ingesting only protein (without “sugar”) since the amino acids in protein can be broken down and converted to glucose, glycogen (the long term storage form of glucose) and fat. Essentially, we have the capacity to synthesize our own sugar, and do not require any “sugar” or carbohydrate ingestion to live. As an aside, this in a nutshell is the basis of the Atkins diet.

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It’s only bad for you if you don’t use the energy you take in, but then, that’s the case for all foods…

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In excess, everything is bad for you.

… Well, except sex.

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Sugar isn’t bad for you- it’s the nature of the sugar most commonly found in the crap we eat, which is heavily processed and not at all natural.

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natural sugar is good for you. you can get raw sugar from places like Trader Joes you know places where they sell organic stuff. its the stuff like fructose and glucose that are bad for you. read the ingredients before you buy something and you will see what your body will intake. i did this thing once with a box of wheat thins where i went down the ingredients list and googled each one crossing them off as i went. i found a large number of the ingredients were frightening because i was intaking that. i recall one of the ingredients had something to do with processing plastic. its really scarey what they put in food. i also learned on this ingredient quest that if something says “natual flavoring” it could be beef byproducts, or not. A psuedo flavoring if you will. wow…tangent…sorry but the rise of our nations fast food industry and how our health has pivoted so dramatically to the extremes (anorexic or obese) what i put into my body is really important to me. that doesnt mean i dont indulge every once in a while…moderation is key.

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Too much of anything is bad. A gallon of water can be too much water. A teaspoon of arsenic is too much arsenic. A tablespoon of sugar adds zing to my Cheerios.

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@nullo i dig it. :)

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Real sugar, not that Splenda stuff, is not bad for you. Just like anything else in life, taking in too much sugar is when it becomes bad for you. And with Splenda and the like, some people’s kidney can’t stand it and it could cause problems there.

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