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Do we really have a "just" justice system?

Asked by othermother01 (20points) October 23rd, 2012

We look at our judicial system as a means of protection. However, I’ve seen a system that has not followed its own rules of procedure and in essence has put an innocent child in danger. Has anyone out there experienced anything similar? If so, how did you deal or cope with this injustice? Did you keep fighting, or are you still fighting? I’d love to hear your story.

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Our justice system is flawed, but it is all that we have, and it is better than many others.

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I’d love to hear your story.

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We have ideals of justice. But it is a concept a standard and so often we as humans fall short.
But justice does little for the actual victim, except provide physical protection. The key is not to be the victim. If we start to self identify as that or allow others to they see the power of it and will always be the victim. Not to say there isn’t a healing process.

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Hard to say when it’s so ambitious who our justice system is even providing justice for. At the very least our systems’ generally myopic view ensures many points for contention, disillusionment, and intolerable fallibility. In many cases it seems the only options available to those who’ve suffered from the shortcomings of the system are to keep fighting for what may well amount to a pyrrhic victory or cut ones losses and accept what is. Sadly the system appears entrenched, self-supported, and ever more beyond recovery as time creeps on.

Your parental kidnapping tag certainly has me echoing @janbb, what’s your story?

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I agree, what is your story?

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When you talk about an anonymous system like it is a single thing, it ceases to make any sense. The times when a member of the justice system fails to follow the rules do not constitute a system failure, they merely reflect a case where the people involved were incompetent or corrupt. No system can account for each and every individual/case that has errors.

In child custody cases, it gets even worse, because they are judgements based on a single snap shot out of the life of the child. During budget cut-backs, every tax supported system is strained almost to the breaking point.

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Like anything else, it’s Just a system!

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