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How do I stop my ex husband from falsely accusing me of child abuse?

Asked by norah (241points) July 21st, 2010

He has done it twice and twice the charges were unfounded. Now he has charged me and several other family members of sexual abuse. Also, instantly found unfounded. I am concerned for my child and for myself. His is obviously ruthless and with no regard for the child, will stop at nothing to get what he wants, money.

What is the best way to proceed?

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Ask the Court to direct him to stop, presenting the evidence that the charges have been unfounded each time he makes such a report. You may have to get a Guardian ad Litem who will act strictly in the best interests of the children, and represent those interests in court.

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Isn’t it illegal to knowingly make false child abuse allegations? I know that’s the case here in CT. You could look into that aspect of it and maybe even press charges.

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You need to ge a family lawyer to advise you. This can be very seriously damaging to you and your family and I would do all you can to fight it. If you can’t affor a lawyer, look up Legal Aid services in you area and talk to them.

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@janbb is right. You need a lawyer to help you.

I had a similar situation with my ex and our kids (he was accusing me of exposing them to inappropriate conversation and encouraging them to do inappropriate things to/with one another). It was during a weekend they were with him. I dropped everything, drove over there, and insisted we sit down and discuss it with them immediately. This made him unhappy but if what he had said was true it was too important to wait. I asked the boys (in front of their father) exactly what happened. If the accusation had been of actual abuse (from me or anyone else) I would have asked him to see the doctor’s report discusses the extent of the abuse. If there was no doctor’s report I would ask why he didn’t act immediately in the best interest of his child who is allegedly being abused.

If recent events in my life have taught me anything it is that people can toss out accusations all day long. Odds are good that if they are untrue, if you document everything and have a decent attorney, the truth will eventually come to light.

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Great Caesar’s ghost, to stop him sue him for slander, when he starts to see huge chunks of money leaving his pocket for years to come he will stop if he is smart.

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