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Would this be considered science fiction?

Asked by smonical (6points) October 23rd, 2012

Would this be considered a science fiction? I have to write a science fiction about my pets. Is the science fiction? There are two dogs. One is Paco, the other is Gordita. Gordita loves Paco a lot and he loves her a lot and they are married. One day she accuses him of loving their owner, Sam, more than he loves her. She gets really mad and attacks Sam by biting into his neck. Sam dies, so Sam’s mother kills Paco and Gordita.
Side note: they refer to their owners as their humans…as in, the humans are the pets, not the dogs.

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It could count as science fiction if it was implied that one or both of the dogs had unnaturally complex intelligence, but I suggest having an alien burst out of Gordita’s chest when Sam’s mother tries to kill her. . . just to be safe

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For it to be science fiction, it needs… science. At best, I think you might be writing a horror or fantasy story.

As @ThrownRiverStone suggests, you could explain how we ended up in a world where the dogs are the owners. Like, artificial selection gone mad… or some kind of wacky radioactive dog food… I would suggest weaving that explanation throughout the story, rather than just explaining it quickly at the very beginning.

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Sorry, my original answer was wrong. Please accept this edited one:

No, the story needs to have science in order to be science fiction.

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How can the dogs talk? How can the narrator know their thoughts?

This is not science fiction. As others have suggested, you have to extrapolate current technology into the future—imagine something that doesn’t exist, and explain it plausibly, without violating any of the laws of physics. Once you incorporate that into your story, it might be science fiction.

But really, you need to read a lot of science fiction before you can start writing it. You need to understand what it is.

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This isn’t sci-fi. Sorry. It sounds like a cute story, but it’s definitely within the realm of general fiction.

Sci-Fi is about what might or could happen (or have happened). Fantasy is about what might or could happen (or have happened) if the rules are changed.

Example: Star Wars is not Science Fiction. It’s Fantasy. Really, it’s a Western with laser-swords, but we won’t go there. “The Force” is magic, and it has an effect on the story line. Some might call it Science Fantasy. I think that term works, because it does have elements of Sci-Fi, but the magic aspect cannot be ignored.

Dune is Science Fiction, because even the “powers” of the Bene Gesserit and the Mentat are not given by external forces (i.e.: magic) but rely on advancements in brain power and personal awareness.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Hmm…spice melange. : )

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Melange is a drug, not magic. ^_^ It’s still the brainpower that allows warp travel. The Melange opens the brain to allow the warp travel to happen.

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Any technology, far enough advanced, will seem like magic to us.

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