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You are given the opportunity to uplift cats or dogs (whichever you prefer). What is your wishlist of changes you would want to make to them?

Asked by ragingloli (51953points) 2 months ago

Mandatory is of course elevating them to human level intelligence.
because that is what uplifting means in the context of science fiction. If you want to argue dictionary definitions again you can f* right off.

For example, bipedalism, hands with opposable thumbs, human facial expressions, etc.

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No need to pee or poop and will sleep as long as their human companions do. And have longer life spans than they currently do.

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The main change I would want in my cats is for them to be able to communicate to me better when they are not feeling well or scared, etc. I don’t need them to have hands or not pee or poop as @janbb says, although a longer life would certainly be nice. I love my cats the way they are and sometimes I think animals have it better off than us humans do Yes, our domestic animals need our care, but then I think about how they also don’t stress over so many of the things that we do.

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I just want cats to be able to translate their ideas into human language somehow.

Next I’d want to give them the rights of citizenship, and to vote, etc . . .

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@Zaku Somehow I think the cats would need a long middle finger then!

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sheesh…I don’t know where to begin. For a start, they’d have the enforceable right to be free of abuse, both physical and psychological. So many animals have ptsd. :(

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All I’d ask is for cats to shed in designated locations only.

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I’d be thrilled if they could use a bathroom as intended.

Bonus: I’d like dogs to be well versed in typography.

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For example, bipedalism, hands with opposable thumbs

I had a cat who knew how to use the doorknob, but the lack of thumbs foiled her. She would stand up tall and try to turn, turn the knob to get outside.

Re: the question – if dogs could use the bathroom they would be perfect. Cats are already there, they don’t need to go outside.

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Learn to use the toilet. And to flush. Beyond that? I wouldn’t change a thing about Dogs. I think “uplifting” them would be a huge mistake. It would ruin a good thing.

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@seawulf575 I agree with you!!!

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Either, with human intelligence, would be quite a force on their own, and would not require any “upgrades” to give humans a run for their money.

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