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How do you feel when you dream about someone you don't know very well?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) October 24th, 2012

Don’t worry, I’m not asking for dream interpretation :-p
Just wondering how other folks feel after having a dream about someone they aren’t intimately acquainted with. Got any stories?

I had a very nice dream a couple nights ago about someone whom I find quite attractive but thought was out of reach. In the dream, we were hanging out and he told me he was bi! (Yeah right, pipe dream.) Maybe I should feel embarrassed about this dream, but I mostly just feel closer to him, as if we had hung out in real life. I think that meeting him in real life might be kind of strange after this.

I’ve had wonderful dreams about meeting Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg and Kurt Cobain, and while it doesn’t make any rational sense, I feel like I ‘know’ them better for having met them in dreams.

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I don’t really feel anything particular about the person themselves, rather than what they were doing in the dream.
Once I had this dream that this Asian guy who looked like Bolo Yeung operated on me. He was shirtless, his skin was all gray for some reason and he was wearing these black and red pants. He operated on my innards and totally fucked up. When I woke up from the operation, my entrails were all on top of me, charred to a crisp. Looked like burnt lasagna. And in the dream, this guy just says, sorry, I fucked up.
So I have no idea who this was, but that he completely mutilated me pretty much sucked.

Whenever I dream about someone I don’t really know, they might be this one stranger I saw for seven minutes, or they’re based on other people, or even characters from movies. It’s hard forming an opinion on their person, because in such cases it always seems that the actions they do mean a lot more, and override their personality. Of course, the actions themselves could point at who they are, but given that their personalities are derived from fallacy, as opposed to when I dream about people I know well, it’s not something that seems important. even if I find myself falling in love with a stranger in a dream

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When this happens to me, I often feel a strong urge upon waking up to TELL THAT PERSON RIGHT AWAY OMG! Then it passes, and I am relieved that I didn’t give in to the pre-coffee blinky-eyed madness.

It is kind of intriguing though, particularly if I haven’t had contact with that person in a long while.

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I just think “that was like really weird and stuff,” but I like never like think too much of it.

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There was a younger man for whom I unexpectedly had an inappropriate reaction. He showed up in a couple dreams and I just enjoyed it. He’s a friendly acquaintance and that’s it, because anything else is out of the question. But why not enjoy the dreams?

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The only thing I can relate to is when I was about 14 years old. It was quite a strange experience, specially as I remember it a good 15 years later.

Her name was Sonia, a girl that used to go to my school. I had never really ever noticed her, I did not talk to her, I did not like her, I did not know her. All I knew about her is she was one of my friends cousins.

One night I had a dream, that I bumped in to her at the end of a gravel lain that used to exist round here. I remember we held hands and then made out, and I woke up.

I got it out of my head, and went back to sleep. The next morning when school came, I was obsessed with her, and it took me about 2 hours before finding her, talking to her, taking her down by the gravel lain, holding hands and making out.

We then kind of had a thing going on for a few weeks, and then just kind of drifted apart. I remember each time I made out with her I always noted how it was not as good as in the dream.

That is all I can really say about it, it was too far back to remember my motivations and other thoughts from that time.

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Horny, usually. Since I’m straight and I don’t dream of men, the women that I dream about are the ones I don’t know well (or at all) and would like to… for naughty purposes.

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Like a creep, usually.

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I continue to daydream about their sensuous touch and our beautiful life together. Lol.

Then I snap into reality and realize I’m dreaming about a woman I don’t even know.

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If I start dreaming about @Blackberry now, it’s his own damn fault.

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My dreams are mainly all about people I have lost in some way or form.

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I dismiss it as the ol’ brain launching the “Mrs. Darling” subprocess, tidying up the mind while you sleep. Handy for knowing what’s laying around, but little else. If God wants to tell me something through a dream, He’ll make it clearer than that. And if it’s anybody else, they can push off.
I only remember a bare handful of dreams, though, and not in any great detail.

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I actually feel closer to that person, like we may have a spiritual connection somewhere in Dream World, or an alternate life. Even a random co-worker or friend of my husbands will sometimes pop into a dream and it truly feels like we have connected when I wake.

For example, I’ve had a very few dreams about my half-siblings, and believe it or not, when they are nice to me in Dream World, it calms my soul, and gives me peace.

Unfortunately in Real World they want absolutely nothing to do with ‘dad’s bastard.’ Love my Dream Life!!

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A theorist, not sure who “Jung”? (As I never studied Jung), said that dream people are merely parts of ourselves. Projections of our deeper psyche. Perhaps having met a part of yourself you have suppressed, you feel a new fondness for it.

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