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With the ongoing questions about health, eating, diet, exercise, etc, what ideas have you found helpful?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) October 26th, 2012

Here is an article from 10/26’s NYT about Ikaria, Greece, where the inhabitants forget to die. Everything you need to know is codified by their experience. You don’t need labels, special vocabulary or rigid rules. Just imitation, or at least, taking some of the advice to heart. What do you think?

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I know quite a number of people who “forget to die”. It helps to abandon the western medicine mindset, and provide the body with the nutrients and spiritual activities it needs, and it will heal itself. Or God will heal it. Works both ways in my experience.

^^ flame bait (for this site anyway) LOL!

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@snowberry: FWIW, most of the inhabitants of Ikaria attend Sunday church. If nothing else, it provides them with yet another piece of community.

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That article is just another in the line of proof that modern medicine is bullshit and it’s all about money. But now, if you believe in homeopathic healing and remedies, YOU’RE the crazy one. I was appalled last week when I googled something like “sore throat remedy” and all that popped up was pictures of different bottles of pills. Uh….no. I want results like what tea will soothe my throat, honey, cayenne pepper, whatever. Not a pill. We (I say we meaning here in America, I am sure some more old fashioned places in the world still use real natural medicines to heal, and are probably a whole lot healthier than us)....are so heavily dependent on medications we forget to even be healthy in the first place. Ugh, and look around! We obviously aren’t doing it right….

I think if we just exercise a moderate amount, eat real food and quit doing obviously negative things like smoking tobacco in extreme excess, everyone would be a lot healthier. It seems too late for that though, I feel, which is depressing and sucks.

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@deni: I t of salt in warm water for a gargle; tea with honey for soothing.

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Stop eating GMO foods! They are starting to make some people really really sick, and sometimes it’s immediate and severe!

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Keep young & beautiful, it’s your duty to be beautiful…....

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There is one easy way to stay healthy – eat less, walk more.

You don’t even have to change what you eat, just eat less of it.

Disclaimer: This advice works for the average American.

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