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How do I get rid of my beer belly?

Asked by davidhimself (47points) July 11th, 2007

I want to know of a specific nutritional intake, like a diet that lets me diminish the size of my belly, I am thin BUT have a beer belly that makes me look like a rope with a nut in the middle. Also what kind of exercises would help achieve my goal?

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Drink less beer.

but seriously it is all about energy in vs energy out. eat less work out more.

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I wanna know to but I dont have a beer belly i just have some extra fat to lose about 20 pounds

But the best advice I can give Is to give up juices and sodas and alcoholic beverages that will help get rid of the "water" weight you might have

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drink a little less beer - this will prevent your beer belly from growing
as for losing that belly, exercise is the best solution - mainly alot of situps, any ab work out, running

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Run. Run. Run. Get your miles per week to around 15. Then do sit ups. The hardest part will be the lower abs so focus on exercises that work out that area. Try getting in the regular sit up position, but keep one leg straight at a 45 degree angle. Do 10 then switch legs. Go till you cant do anymore.

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along with all of the good advice stated above. You could get a colonic and find out what you're eating that's not being digested properly.

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Losing weight means huge amts of veggies, fruits, complex carbs and no white foods. Eat 300 less calories/ daily, exercise off 300 calories - that's a lb. a week - the sane way. Re; exercise; depends on age, condition, previous injuries, etc. Start slowly unless you are in your prime.

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Drink lots of water, also!

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I had somewhat of a similar dilemma, but just wanted to lose some extra weight (not a beer belly). But first thing to do is cut out all the harmful things from your diet - saturated fats, bad carbs (or at least an excess amount), fats, sugars, salts (in excess), caffeine, sodium, etc. I would stay far away from any beverage other than water and milk (skim if you like it) - I did this and lost 8 lbs. right away! It also is important to eating less and working out more, as mvgolden stated above - try to exercise for at least 30 minutes, 4-5 times a week - this will ensure a good amount of calorie loss. I recommend elipticalling or running, both are very good ways to burn a lot of calories, if you push yourself the right amount. After about a 30 minute cardio-workout do your tonal training, like the sit-ups, push-ups, bicep curls, bench press (whatever you feel comfortable doing) - but remember that when working muscle groups, do not spend day-after-day on the same muscle group - this will not allow you to actually rebuild these muscles, because they will rip and never get a chance to re-heal themselves. Also when doing tonal training, try to do a small amount of weight and a large amount of repetitions - this will ensure more of losing fat, and less of fat turning straight to muscle. I would also recommend eating healthier, but do not starve yourself (like eating a very small amount of calories), because your body will think it's starving itself and you will never lose weight that way - males when trying to lose weight should intake about 1500 to 1800 calories a day, any lessor more than this and you won't lose weight the way you should. Good luck - message me for any questions.

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there's an awesome website called where you log what you eat and can chat with other people with the same weight loss goals. Writing down what you eat is a really effective way to be more aware of it!

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It's not exactly true to say that working out with heavier weights turns fat into muscle. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, so the more of it you have, the faster your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the more fat you burn all the time--exercising or resting.

It is also a myth that tons of situps will make you lose that belly. You cannot "spot-reduce" fat stores. When you lose fat, you lose fat all over your body. If you are thin, but have a beer-belly, your best bet would probably be to focus more on building up your muscles, rather than simply doing a lot of fat-burning cardio. Lifting heavier weights, for fewer reps, would achieve this.

I too was afflicted with the skinny-with-a-beer-belly syndrome, and tons of cardio (I'm talking around 20-25 miles per week) over a six-month period served only to make me skinnier all over, while my beer belly got only slightly smaller. When I started a new workout that focused more on heavy weights (lifting to failure each set), I noticed my muscles start to grow. My chest and shoulders got broader and my arms and legs got thicker. I still have a bit of a beer belly, but it's smaller and not nearly as noticible because the rest of my body is more proportional.

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I would tend to agree with Poser re. weight training. I disagree with travistotz re. doing cadio before weights. Men’s Health magazine is definitively the best source for most health and fitness issues. They reported that a recent university study indicated that interval running workouts following weights resulted in profound metabolism activity hours after the workout.

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Drink light beer.

Cut back on the sugar. It helps store fat.

Add more fiber to your diet. Fiber One cereal gives you a lot of fiber.

Drink less beer.

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Try Intermittent Fasting:“Intermittent Fasting”
Then eat what you want on the other days. It’s amazing how quickly weight drops with this.

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Unfortunately buddy there is no spot reduction, which means if you want to lose your beer gut, you may not right away. You say you want to try to go on a diet….well a diet is only effective if you add exercise. You should be doing resistance training for every muscle group and focus more on your abs towards the end of your workout. Also add your cardio = 150 min. per week of aerobic training.

If you want your gut to go away sooner, follow the exercise above and consume more fruits/veges and whole grains = Fiber. The more fiber you add to your diet, the fewer calories you will consume throughout the day because the give you more of a feeling of fullness compared to carbs, fats, and even proteins. Add more protein to your diet as well. Protein obviously builds more muscle when adding resistance training over a 10 + week period of training

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Cardio and any kind of stimulant that raises the rate at which your burn calories. Caffeine is a good place to start although you have to watch out for receptor down-regulation.

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Jack and Coke.

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A first step would be to reduce your intake of calories, carbs and fat. A “ beer belly” might be the result of too much beer along with too many munchies like potato chips, chicken wings, etc. Beer is more fattening than wine or liquor:

Beer (reg) 153 calories 13 g. carb. 0.00 fat
Beer (lite) 103 calories 6 g. carb 0.00 fat
80 proof liquor ( vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, rum
97 calories 0 g. carb 0.00 fat
Wine (red)125 calories 4 g. carb 0.00 fat
Wine (white)121 calories 4 g. carb 0.00

However, beer is less fattening than most non-alcoholic beverages. For example it has more calories and carbs than regular cola.

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