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How do your choices compare to the things that Mentally Strong people avoid?

Asked by josie (27483points) January 13th, 2014

This article at Forbes outlines the 13 things that mentally strong people avoid.

It is directed mostly to entrepreneurs, but I think it is a pretty good all purpose list.

How do your choices compare to the list? Would you add anything? Would you take anything off? Or do think the whole exercise is meaningless?

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Those items are often found on list of things to stop doing in order to grow emotionally. Not dwelling on the past, facing one’s fears, taking responsibility for one’s reactions. I wouldn’t call it “mentally strong” as much as “mentally healthy.”

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I have to admit, I’m right there in the strong/healthy zone. I’d better be.

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Wow. A lot of these are words that I live by. A lot of them are things I criticize others for not doing more.

There are two that I am susceptible to. First #3 (shying away from change), because I believe in calculated risk, per #6 – but I sometimes dwell too much on the calculation. And #2 (giving away my power), and that’s mainly because I intentionally try not to be an asshole.

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The fact that I’m still here on Fluther says a lot. It’s not for the faint of heart. LOL

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Wow…that was a nice list. I think I exhibit all but one of those traits. I wish I could post this so that people I know who don’t exhibit ANY of them could say “Wow” too. But they wouldn’t recognize themselves.

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The BIG sin is missing from the list. And it is my great and shameful failing. I have never had the capacity to “choose” to ignore the dessert tray, table, display, advertisement, shelf, plate, case, menu, etc. Resolve and virtue vanish at the appearance of an attractive pie!

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All good stuff, but it needs something to take away some of that Forbes “how to be a top predator” cast. Maybe something like “Mentally strong people avoid being self-congratulatory about their mental strength”, or “Mentally strong people avoid looking down on people who aren’t mentally strong”. Something like that.

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I agree with @stanleybmanly I’d add:
Stay as healthy as you can by controlling the factors within your control.
Eat right, exercise, keep a healthy weight, and avoid poor lifestyle choices.

A good healthy body is not essential for a good mind (see: Stephen Hawking) but it sure doesn’t hurt.

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What was it I saw the other day? Confident people don’t have to break other people to fix themselves.

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There are two on the list that I don’t measure up to, and that would be shying away from change and willing to take a calculated risk. I am overly cautious, and I don’t like change.

I can’t think of any to add. This is a pretty good list. The people that I know that I would classify as mentally delicate, really do feel sorry for themselves, worry themselves into a lather over things they can’t control, dwell on the past, try to please everybody all the time, and make the same mistakes over and over.

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I fail in “Don’t give your power away.” I dumb myself down because people don’t like new ideas.

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Pick ones battles, it something I am learning from my mom.

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