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What is something that at some point in your life you have won?

Asked by ucme (50047points) November 14th, 2019

Awards, trophies, medals & such like.
How were they gained?
Do you still have them now?
Where are they kept?
Why am I asking so many questions?
Is this the last one?

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Two sliver (actually pewter) medals for soccer. Lots of track and field ribbons, a chess champion trophy, and a perfect score in grade one certificate. Lots more.

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I’ve won three Geography Bees and came in 3rd in a Spelling Bee once (local ones). I got a Principal’s Distinction award in middle school for straight-As. I also earned a few ribbons from the NJCL. That’s about it, though. Haven’t received anything like that since I was a kid (no athletic ability to speak of!)

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I have never won anything of note.

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After spending the night on the streets (longish story), a couple of my friends invited me to a wine tasting. Bleary-eyed and a tad delirious, I said sure why not? Ended up winning a gigantour bottle of wine in a limbo contest. Apparently having no sleep (plus wine) makes you super bendy.

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I received an award for NEVER missing a day of school between grade 1 & 7. I loved school & couldn’t bring myself to laying out even when under the weather.

I also won a scholarship to college that paid for everything except room & board. I didn’t need that because the college was close to my home & it made Mom & Dad happy that I was still with them so they could guide me.

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I’ve won a lot of awards for my artwork.
The cash I’ve always put back into my work and the ribbons,I have hanging from the ceiling in my studio, certificates on a wall.Newspaper articles on the same wall.I had a few photos of when I received some of these things that I can’t find. In one I had just eaten a cannoli and had powdered sugar all over the front of my top. I looked like a crazed cocaine aficionado.
Another time they snapped a picture of my mouth wide open singing with a barbershop quartet that would come into your booth to give you cash & a ribbon and a victory song.very pleasant :D
I’ve also won a bunch of $ and a few trips for my Halloween costumes.
I have not won the lottery .I rarely have bought tickets,so that could be why….
This is not the end of questions from you. :)

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I won a number of charms for my award pin in Awana, for memorizing a lot of Bible verses.

First place at a big event cake decorating contest in St. Louis.

Guess the gumballs in the jar.

First place in a family reading contest, most hours read within the time frame.
That one inspired my daughter to write a story, but she was three and could not write, so she dictated it to me. It was about a teeny tiny kingdom located on the seed head of a huge sunflower. When she got to the end she asked me to take over so she could enjoy the surprise.

Seven year pin, when I turned seven, at church. For not missing more than one Sunday each year starting with the first one after I was born. I was born on Sunday, so they counted that as my missed Sunday the first year.

First prize fifties attire high school contest.

A couple of regional ribbons for playing my flute.

Marksmanship ribbon, Navy.
firing range

Bunches of first and second place wins for baking and sewing at county fairs.

First place string art at county Fair.

$5,000 shopping spree at Macy’s in a casino drawing.

Various free dinners, cash, concert tickets, backstage passes, tickets to sporting events, etc on radio contests.

Hula hooping first place.

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Gosh. Awards for rodeo events. I think I managed to get 1st place once. The rest of the time I got 2nd or 3rd depending on if there were 2 or 3 entries in the event. :/.
Awards in track and field.
I legit won 1st in a kite flying contest as a kid. There were a bunch of of us entered. Mine flew so high I crashed into the moon.
I have won lots of awards.

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All of the above.

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My kids went to Awana.

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You allowed that?

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Well yeah. I raised them in a Pentecostal church.

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Which rodeo events did you place in @Yellowdog?

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I got first place in a state Fair, for a drawing I did once…

Otherwise, I win a lot. In many different types of games.

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Me too. He’ll my last class reunion I won an award for Most Grandchildren.

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When Mrs Squeeky came into my life.

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The earliest I remember I won an honorable mention in the National Honors Scholarship exam.
I have won numerous awards for my volunteer work.
I earned several achievement awards in the Society of Creative Anachronism
I earned several recognition awards on various question and answer sites
I received an award for my needlepoint at a county fair
I received several awards for my costume designs at conventions.

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Oh, yesterday I won first place in a wheel of fortune tournament in the online game.
I won the perfecto fish for my post above.

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In high school we had Personal Finance 1 and Personal Finance 2. PF 2 was more of a econ class, PF1 was stuff like credit cards and interest rates and why when you go to college you should tell all the booths that want you to get a Discover Card to Fuck Right Off.

I took PF2 first. Then I took PF1. In PF2 the teacher talked about how there was a PF1 challenge test. And that we had to sign up early for it and they gave you book to study and most people didn’t pass and we should do it because it got us out of 150 hours of class.

I could not be bothered because that was the future and I really only cared about banging the GF, pills, booze, and skateboarding. Do the present!

Then I ended up in PF1 and it was perfect. Last class of my day. So the first day we all had to take a test to gauge what we knew about basic life stuff.

I nailed it. I nailed it so hard that the teacher got me into the PF1 challenge test. I did not study. There were about 100 kids taking it. They studied. I did not. I got the second highest score. The second highest score they ever got on the test. I can just destroy tests without any prep. The skill carried in through college.

But it got me out of 7th period so I sat in my friends truck and would pound some box-wine and skateboard in the parking-lot.

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I played baseball for ten years but was only average at it. Never won anything, but I had a lot of fun and was a pretty good first baseman.

I went to day camp one Summer and played soccer. Got a “Best Goalie” award at the end of the season. Never played soccer again though.

I graduated second in my High School class (damn you Carl) but first in my major, so I got an award for that. Left it at my parents’ house.

I got a bunch of employee recognition awards at a previous job. Meaningless stuff. I dumped them all in the barrel when I resigned.

I won a professional marketing and advertising award from the Lexington, Massachusetts chamber of commerce for a design job I had. I left it behind when I left that job.

Hmmm…I’m noticing a trend.

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Cheers peeps of the www & my, what a decorated bunch you are.
Speaking of myself, I won a bunch of football medals/trophies from schooldays & beyond…amateur Sunday league stuff with the lads. Since I started running seriously 4yrs ago, I’ve picked up several medals for parkruns etc.

Everybody urges me to take part in the London marathon as my times/stamina for runs up to 14 miles are very good, but 26 miles…nah, you’re alright thanks :D

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You run miles, not Ks?

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Well both, but hey what can I say…I’m old school.

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Good catch Patty. I think you just exposed @ucme . He’s probably a 12 year old girl, in her mother’s basement. ;)

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What the hell are you going on about @MrGrimm888? :D

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^You’re a fraud! Patty caught you.~

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The islanders do use miles.

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Even in the US, we measure runs by kilometers. Islanders?

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@MrGrimm888 I’ve raised this question before on Fluther. The Brits use both Kilometers and Miles.

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@Yellowdog . You are correct. I think that they sometimes use our system in many ways. Inches, instead of centimeters,etc…

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Anyhow, back to the actual point of the thread :D
I forgot to mention the amount of stuff my kids won as they progressed through school.
Awards for all kinds of things like reading, writing, attendance & sports. My daughter won a few in the football team, she was goalkeeper.

We kept all of these & cherish them to this day, yes…I’d walk a million miles for my kids!

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I wasn’t making an accusation, or an assumption.
It is simply something which stood out to me, because I thought the US was the only part of the world not using metric.

This was a new tidbit for me.

My daughter won quite a lot of awards in school too. For one, I was the presenter.

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Oh! I was the main reason my HS volleyball team completely shut down our competition 15 to 0 in one memorable game.
I was serving. Never rotated out of that position! Most of the time they simply could not return my serves. The few they did get under control my team mates took care of. It was AWESOME!!!

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In second grade I won a 5’ tall blue teddy bear. My mom put my name in a raffle at a local store. I’m not sure if she won because she completed the ticket, or if I won because it was in my name.

I won a book in fourth grade for making the longest list of homonyms in my English class.

I won Most Improved Golfer my senior year in high school. This was only because I was not good to start with and pulled my game together before the end of the season.

I earned a 100% on the NY State Regents exam in French. That got me an award at my school.

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