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Do celebrity endorsements have an effect on the way people vote?

Asked by rojo (22321points) October 29th, 2012

These days there are so many political endorsements floating around.
Does what a celebrity, any celebrity, has to say have an effect on the candidate you will cast your vote for?

Would this endorsement change the way you view Mitt Romney?

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That made my day…thank you.

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Probably minutely. And a minute difference can be amplified in importance by where it happens and various other factors of electoral math.

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Thanks for the link to Joss’s “endorsement” of Zomney. ;-)

Here I thought he was endorsing him, until I actually watched the video. ;-o

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So, who is that guy?

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Haha! I love Joss Whedon. He’s a writer, director, and producer, and the brilliant mind behind TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. He wrote the screenplay for the recent Avengers film as well.

—Oh yeah, there was an actual question attached to the video…— I think they do matter to a certain extent. Do they change minds? Probably not. But do they encourage people to go out and vote? Yeah, I think they probably do.

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I did like a Clint Eastwood commercial tonight I really liked. Now, The Pope is a big deal!

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They don’t work on me but I have little idea about some of the sheeple out there. My guess is probably if they’re a particularly rabid fan of the particular celebrity.

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I’m sure they don’t work on a single jelly. I’m equally sure that they work. They work on the kind of people who were moved by Mitt’s appearance in the first debate. The people who vote based on emotion. I think there are a significant number of them. For them, celebrity endorsements just might hit the right emotional button.

Of course, this linked endorsement is amazingly well done. I loved showing a guy washing dishes. His tone was so matter of fact and conversational. He hit all the right notes. I just know that this will make Symbeline vote for Mitt. And Mitt will make sure she’s registered… in Canada.

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I don’t live in the US but would not allow a celebrity to influence my decision about who to vote for, I trust my own mind and intelligence too much for that to happen. I find it unbelievable that people are waiting until now to make up their minds, surely these two men offer quite different policies, it can’t be that hard to see the difference and decide who one wants to vote for, surely‚Ķ.

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It’s the same as any celebrity endorsement of a product. They use the name to get you to watch. Nobody buys beer or tampons based on the celebrity that endorses it but they watch the commercial. The problem with Obama’s campaign is that you don’t even get “more taste, less filling’ kind of argument. You only get fear and hate. What the hell has gone wrong in politics.

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You have to be irrational to not fear and hate Romney’s dangerous/authoritarian policies. You should also fear the delusional fiscal policies of the sociopath Paul Ryan.

Besides, Schitt “47%” Romney and Paul Ryan can scarcely conceal their fear and hatred of people who aren’t part of their clique.

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