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Lucasfilm has just been sold to Disney. Whats your take on Disney running or ruining the Star Wars universe?

Asked by Only138 (4638points) October 30th, 2012

Just seen the youtube clip of George Lucas confirming that Lucasfilm has been sold to Disney for $4.05 Billion. He also confirmed that he has treatments written for Episodes 7,8 & 9 and that Disney will be making these movies. What is your opinion of Star Wars being done by someone other than George Lucas? Disney has done a good job on the Marvel franchise…...but is the Force with them in Star Wars?

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Yoda with mouse ears ? ?

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I think Disney could do it. They seem to be growing, artistically. Learning how to be adult. I guess George was getting too old to want to run a studio any more?

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I am all for it.

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They can’t be any worse than 1,2,3.

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I guess Disney has been doing a great job on the Marvel stuff. I’m very excited about MORE Star Wars Movies, especially Episodes 7, 8 & 9. Here is the youtube interview I seen if anyone is interested.

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I’m going to go all scottish on your arse & say “It Disney matter who makes the bloody films.”

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I was just coming on Fluther to ask this question lol
My gut reaction was OH SHIT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ve got a bad feeling about this . But as I think about it more I dont know, it may be good. Like for once in a star wars film there may actually be some good dialog. Wouldnt that be crazy?

I really hope they go with the Thrawn trilogy for ep 7–9. The only weird thing is going to be recasting Luke, Leia, Han etc.

And PLEASEEEE Disney do not fuck with the Clone Wars series. I’m already really pissed at you for cancelling The Avengers cartoon.

@Rarebear thats not exactly reassuring lol

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@uberbatman It’ll be fine. Disney bought Pixar and it did fine, if not better. And Disney is pretty hands off when it comes to Pixar management, and allows Pixar to do its own thing.

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If they bought the stake for $4B, it is unlikely that Disney will deliberately fuck up the franchise. I suspect the project will be assigned to people that can produce a good product. That is a lot of money to risk against a team of losers.

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I thought Disney already bought out Lucas Films. There are Star Wars themed rides and merchandise already. Same ol’, same ol’.

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How do you ruin something that has already been ruined? Even having Ed Wood direct the next trilogy would be an improvement!

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@josie they spent the same for Marvel and cancelled Marvel’s Avengers cartoon that had great ratings so they could make a new series. They did the same with Spectacular Spiderman and came out with a new absolutely horrible Spiderman cartoon as the replacement.

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@uberbatman The Thrawn trilogy, if done correctly, would be amazing. I’ll admit I’m worried, but only because each movie made after the first half of Jedi has been disappointing to varying degrees. Maybe my expectations are too high though.

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@amujinx I’m very much the same. I think its also because I’ve read so many of the books so my expectations for Star Wars is so much higher than that of normal fans. I’ve really wanted to see the Thrawn trilogy in some form of film or animation since I read them all those years ago though. Grand Admiral Thrawn is the shit. Puts Palpatine to shame IMO

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We have just gone to the Dark Side and no good will ever come of that

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New cartoon show on Disney Channel: Ewok Babies.

Big plot twist at the end of 7: Goofy tells Jar Jar: “I am your father!”

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I’m happy that someone could potentially rein in Lucas, who is just too full of himself to know when he’s doing damage. But I’m not terribly happy that it’s Disney. We’ll see.

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I’m actually really looking forward to a Disney-made Star Wars movie.

I am doubtful it will be worse than Episode 1 or 2.

George Lucas did not direct episode 5, which is arguably the best of the series.

I am assuming that Disney will put someone in charge of the movie who is a “fan,” who is respectful of Lucas’s vision, respectful of the wholeness and creativity of the Star Wars universe… but who can also work with actors and direct film competently and engagingly.

I think a lot of Star Wars fans want Star Wars to be something it’s not—gritty, “adult,” whatever. Star Wars doesn’t need more blood or sex, it just needs better storytelling, better characters. There are plenty of examples of “family friendly” fantasy/sci-fi that are awesome stories—for example, one of my favorite tv shows ever is the Legend of Korra. If the new SW movies is half as engaging and well-written as the Legend of Korra, I’ll be happy.

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I will put in just one little request:


You can still have green and red lasers and shit. Just make sure the ships and fighters move in a Newtonian fashion.

If it’s “canon” that spaceships in the void of space behave like fighter jets in an atmosphere, this is one thing where it’s worth being heterodox. And it’s not like it’s hard to do—Firefly and Battlestar Galactica have relatively realistic spaceship physics and they look awesome.

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I’m with @jerv on this and others who think Lucas already ruined the series with 1,2 and yes even 3. If I have the money, I’d pay Lucas 5B bucks to watch 1,2 and 3 while constantly slapping himself in the face every 10 seconds.

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Don’t know nothing about Star Wars, but it seems weird to me. Star Wars is supposed to be mature and pretty dark at times, and pretty intricate in its mythos; now maybe I still view Disney as something for kids, which I know it isn’t anymore…but essentially this is like asking me if we should turn over the Halloween series to whoever created That’s So Raven. I’m given examples like super hero movies, but seeing as I don’t watch those either…XD

For one, future SW movies are sure to be visually breath taking, more so than they probably already are…Disney is pretty strong in that area. But will they be faithful to the saga, will the legions of nerds be able to appreciate…will Disney be able to reach out to them? In between the fans of Star Wars, I hear there’s a lot of debate when it comes to certain movies, especially the last ones, and where they were taken and how they were handled. So judging on that, I have no idea how Disney is going to handle it, or if it’s gonna make it better or worse. I’ve never seen a single SW movie ever, except maybe some bits of the old ones as a kid.
But as I suspect, I bet the visuals are going to rock, more so than they probably already do…not sure at all though, if that’s all Star Wars is about.

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I hope they use 4–5-6 as a guide, and ignore 1–2-3. The prequels were a huge disappointment.

If 7–8-9 suck at least no one will be surprised.

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I think if it isnt broke, don’t fix it. But, if it’s really broke….say eff it and leave it alone.

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@Qingu Have you ever read any of the Star Wars novels? Star Wars actually is VERY “gritty, “adult,” whatever”. Hell even the Clone Wars series is starting to show some of that dark gritty nature. (the last story arc just dealt with the difference between training a rebel insurgency vs training terrorists)

I do agree with you on Korra though, that show is great, can’t wait for season 2 to start up.

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I haven’t read any of the novels. But I don’t think the first trilogy is “dark.” It’s dramatic, and aesthetically the spaceships often have dust and grime on them. But it’s family-friendly entertainment, and I don’t think they need to change that at all.

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@Qingu Star Wars has evolved A LOT since the first trilogy. There are over 350 novels out right now. I’ve read around 80 of them so far (working chronologically :P) IMO of all the Star Wars stuff out there the movies are probably my least favorite since they dumb a lot of the stuff down for the sake of “family friendly” entertainment. (Fuck you Jar Jar)

It would be nice to see Star Wars done with respect to the novels and what it’s evolved into. I dont mean tons of blood and gore and sex but at least some more mature themes. I mean right now the animated cartoon deals with more mature stuff then some of the movies did.

New Star Wars game is also supposed to be pretty dark and gritty.

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Only read one Star Wars book and didn’t enjoy it. Guess I’m one of those few fans who just appreciate and see SW as a movie, nothing more. I see the franchise as money making for Lucas but bad for the cinematic magic that were episodes 1, 2 and 3.

I’m glad Lucas is out. I’m counting on the person whom Disney will put to task in handling the franchise. But if he or she kowtows to Lucas’ will, then this deal is useless, except for Lucas’ bank account.

I really hope they ignore all the books and just focus on stories branching out not far from 1,2 and 3. I think that’s the book I read, Han and Lea having twins. I don’t know. The book did not impress. Franchising SW is like franchising The Exorcist, The Godfather and ET. It would just ruin it. Which it did.

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On the other hand, they might just hand the franchise to a guy like this, which would be awesome.

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@mazingerz88 there are a lot of different authors who do the books. Who did you read? I really recommend anything by Zahn. The Thrawn Trilogy is absolutely amazing it deals with what happens to the Empire after Palpatines death. If your interested in the Old Republic read the Darth Bane Trilogy which is also amazing. He was the one who wiped out all the Sith and created the Rule of Two.

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@uberbatman I completely agree with you….out of all the books, I think the Timothy Zahn “Thrawn” books would have to be my favorite….hands down.

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@Only138 thats really my only hope for ep 7–9. Give me Thrawn.

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As I understand it, in the books they randomly killed off Chewbacca. His death wasn’t a major event in the book.

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@filmfann Yea, I haven’t gotten to that book yet. I believe it was pretty major though, I mean Han’s son was the reason for Chewies death after all.

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Well so much for that idea. This movie better be pretty far off in the future or its really not going to make much sense and be pretty retarded.

I have a hard enough time convincing myself that 3 star wars movies were never made, its going to be near impossible to do that with six.

This news is so much worse than the hurricane….

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