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Boring question #86: How wealthy do you have to be to not bother bending over to pick up abandoned pennies?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 3rd, 2012

How much money do you have to have when the effort to bend over and pluck a stray penny off the floor or sidewalk is not worth doing? Rider question is how much money do you have to have that you toss stay pennies and nickels from your pocket into the trash because you don’t want them weighing your pocket down?

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My great uncle is incredibly rich. He owns a company that makes artificial hearts, one that makes exercise equipment and a couple other that I forget what they do. He will still bend over and pick up change. I asked him why he did this before and he just kinda laughed to me and said “because literally every penny counts. Think about it, if I take two seconds to just pick up change whenever I see it, it adds up, it may not come out to be much in the end but its more than I would have had otherwise so why not pick it up?”

He was also very poor growing up so I believe this also influences it, he actually understands the value of money unlike some other rich people who grew up rich.

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I know a guy that has never has to work another day in his life that will pick up a penny when he sees it.

I don’t know about rich folks throwing away money, but I often put my unwanted change into one of the donation jars that nearly every C store or McDonald’s has on the counter. I don’t even look to see what the cause is half the time.

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MEH can’t wait to go back to australia where you don’t have to bother with frikken pennies hate em.

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If you don’t pick up found pennies, how will you know if one is your lucky penny? Whether I bend over and pick it up has more to do with what it is laying in and whether my back hurts that day or not.

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The wealthy tend to be very careful with money and may be more likely to pick up a penny than the less wealthy.

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I pick up any money I can find!
@trailsillustrated – yeah but here are the 5 & 10 cent pieces which are equally as useless although you can buy one piece of penny candy for 10cents, hehehe!

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Any pennies I find often find their way to Coinstar after a brief stop in the change jar. We usually make about $5–10/week that way. However, I have heard that Bill Gates could drop $100,000 and it wouldn’t be worth the few seconds to pick it up.

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I never pick up “stray” money, no matter the amount, my gain would have to be someone’s loss.

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I don’t pick up pennies, and I don’t make any extraordinary amount of money. I wouldn’t even pick up a quarter off the floor unless I was the one that dropped it.

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I am not wealthy at all. Usually I will pick up change, unless it looks gross or is in a gross place. The larger the denomination of coin, the dirtier conditions I am willing to tolerate I guess. So like I’d pick up a semi dirty quarter but probably not a fairly dirty penny. Cause pennies are dumb anyhow.

I did find a benjamin recently. On a dance floor. It was awesommmeeee.

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Not very since the SA cent is pretty worthless.

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Some of the wealthiest people I know say “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. ” they didn’t get where they are by wasting pennies.

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For me it’s not a question of wealth, what the fuck’s the point of trousering tiny denominations?
I leave them to those who will feel the benefit, homeless folks for example.

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