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What could you imagine doing that would make you say, “So this is how the super-rich enjoy life…”?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28886points) January 27th, 2024 from iPhone

As asked. Thanks.

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Taking a private jet to a meeting where I can talk about the evils of Climate Change.

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Having the choice to either take the heli off my yacht to eat lunch in Naples or have my chef prepare lunch and meet with my architect on zoom to check on the progress of my doomsday bunker in New Zealand.

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^^Cocaine also?

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I guess a yacht. I don’t know. I’ve been on a private jet, it was a company jet. I’ve been on nice boats, but I guess they didn’t qualify as a yacht.

Plenty of rich people don’t have those toys.

An amazing hacienda compound with multiple houses and maids and butlers would be impressive.

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@mazingerz88 – No. It’d have to be a mind numbing depressant, or cocktail of such. Cocaine makes one think too much, which isn’t good. It’d need to be something to make me unaware of my failures as a person, and the utter emptiness of a life in pursuit of, or born into, material wealth, all joy drowned in soulless displays and a necessary blindness to self-examination, lest the demon look you in the eye.

In no other way could I imagine the super-rich enjoying life, without a physical limitation to the function of the brain.

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Eating ribs until full. One rack is never enough.

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^^Speaking of which, I had an order of to-go ribs for dinner last night and it wasn’t worth the 24 bucks I paid for it.

If I didn’t take it home and decided to sit down and eat it at their place, I would have returned it. But I was hungry enough to eat it anyway.

If I was super-rich maybe the chances of getting bad ribs would be much, much less?

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@mazingerz88 Pork ribs or beef ribs?

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You don’t need to be super-rich to find good food, or to eat enough of it.

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^^Sure. But if one was super-rich and quite picky with his ribs, maybe there’s a good chance his smart and well-paid personal assistant wouldn’t make a mistake. Of asking which smart staff member to send to get the good ribs?

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Spending an average of 12k on a Super Bowl ticket for the Chiefs vs. the Forty Niners.

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@jca2 for the whole family ! All 14 of them.

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Spending $55,000 for a bed to sleep in one night.

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Well, I could massively over-pay for a social media site in an attempt to be the most popular person on the internet.

Or I could take regular transfusions of my son’s blood to try and stay young forever.

All the while claiming that I’m a persecuted victim and have no voice.

No, I guess I can’t imagine it. The super-rich don’t seem very happy for a reason.

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