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I want to introduce my boyfriend to friends soon. How can we make sure none of them feel like a third wheel?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6505points) November 4th, 2012

He is really important to me, but my friends opinions of him are important to me also. I also want us all to be able to hang out without anything being weird. It’s important to me for my boyfriend to get along with my friends. Thanks!

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Don’t do it as a threesome. That puts too much pressure on everyone. Introduce him at a party where there are lots of people around.

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If the two of you go out with one of your friends, say to dinner, each of you focus on the friend and not each other. Don’t be hanging all over each other, don’t ignore your friend. Give your boyfriend a chance to get to know your friend so that they feel comfortable with each other.

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You could try going to an event with him and some friends, whatever you all like, like a sporting event, concert, etc. where there’s something going on. At a party you’re forced to socialize. At an event you can spend time watching.

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I think with a very very close girlfriend she won’t feel like a third wheel as long as everyone is careful to include each other in the conversation and not drift off for a long time on a tangent that only two of the three of you know about. He could easily feel like a third wheel if the two girls are talk talk talk about something he is disi terested in, as well as your girlfriend feeling a third wheel if you and your boyfriend are googoo gaga in front of her.

As mentioned above, another idea is to have him meet your friends when several of them are included, maybe they bring along a boyfriend also, or not. When you two are at social gatherings you each should be able to independently be at the party/dinner/event mingling on your own and having conversation with various people.

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Treat everyone equally. That includes the BF—tone down the PDA.

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I agree with @marinelife , it’s a lot better and easier on everyone if its a group of people. That way there is never too much pressure on anyone to keep conversation going or anything.

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