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If he loves you does that mean he will want to have sex with you?

Asked by bean (1327points) January 17th, 2010

If a guy really does care about you and love you does that automatically make him want to have sex with you?
Do guys have morals such as waiting for the right time? Or would they prefer to just go for it?

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Based on my own ”research,” I would say there are guys who have more than just sex on their minds. It seems a lot of them like woman with something in the head and heart…not just a woman with those.

Sex generally is an expression of love, it is not the definition of love. It is a natural result of love for another, so it is logical for him to want to have sex….just make sure it’s because he loves you.

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A man of superior character will love you, sex or not.

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I have several female friends whom I love, and have no interest in having sex with.

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If the pervy monkey (@eponymoushipster) can say that, I’d have to agree.
He’s been trying to get into my pants for ages.

In all serriousness, it sounds tired but if a guy pushes you to do anything you don’t want to, kick him in the dick and walk away. He’s pretty much useless to you and shouldn’t be a part of your life. And if a guy says he loves you, or says he is in love with you, the same holds true.

If he respects your wishes above any of his fleeting urges, he’s a catch and you should hold on tight.

And if he’s a friend who simply cares for you, no, it does not necessarily mean he wants to bang you.

Men are people too, of course they have their own moral code. Just like you do. But the definitions may differ as with all people.

There, that should cover everything.

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Guys will want to have sex with you without even caring a damn about you…get used to the concept.

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If he loves you, he’ll certainly want to have sex with you.

But if he wants to have sex with you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he loves you.

Got it?

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If he loves you, he will want to have sex with you, but he will be willing to wait until you are ready.

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@bean You’ve got all the advice you could ever want. On this thread and your other one. I advise you to now take them all.

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Uh, I think you can just about count on him wanting to have sex with you. Whether or not love is in the equation is less certain.

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It depends on what kind of love you’re talking about. There’s so many.

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@asmonet and with comments like that, ill get into those pants, gosh darned it!~

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Believe this or not, there are some men out here that have more than just sex on their minds. companionship means a whole lot more to some men. sure, the sex thought is always there, but that does not mean it has to be a “wham-bam, thank you maam” situation.

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A man always wants to have sex with you.

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When Harry met Sally.

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But seriously. Yes. Some guys do have morals when it comes to those things.

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@simone54 Sex, epecially amongst the male species, is instinctive. What do morals have to do with the procreational instinct?

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Well sex to me is a side effect of a deep emotional love you have with someone. Although I’m a guy, I wouldn’t touch anyone that I don’t have a deep connection with. It’s important to me that timing is good and you would be fully willing to deal with any reprocussions that may come from such a decision (i.e. pregnancy etc). I feel that if you arn’t ready to deal with that aspect then you don’t need to be doing it.

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@Tenpinmaster I agree with you!

and if it helps, what I mean is when a guy says he loves you, and he truly feels love and wants to start a relationship does that automatically mean he also wants to have sex with you, if you are willing to?

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If you have just met then that means he is obviously attracted to you, so he will want to have sex with you.

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@bean Most people expect making love as a part of the relationship process. I would say it is rare for someone to not want sex at some point in the process. It is a natural human expression of love. Of course there are people who don’t automatically think that way.

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if a man loves a woman he doesnt have sex with her he makes love to her – meaning he puts thought into what he’s doing – but he should wait if he truly does love his woman and she isnt ready.

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Only a hopeless pervert would even dream of defiling a woman he loves.

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For guys when it comes to sex, love is not an option.

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guys want to have sex with or without love!

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Actually, without love is better. Less complications…

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I disagree, but whatever makes you happy : )

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Absolutely he’d want to make love to you…. however he wouldn’t push it or hassle as with love there’s always respect,

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@TheJoker Ahh, such a cute answer.

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@Dibley Hahaha, thanks… cheeky ;)

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