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Do you pray before going to bed?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m sleepy, I already did my prayers, all of you, have a good night, answer my question, I’ll check it out in a few hours… I LOVE FLUTHER!!! AND YOU GUYS!!

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I don’t necessarily recite a prayer, but I express how thankful I am for everything I have. I’ll admit I don’t do this every night.

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i see no reason why i should pray, there’s not gonna be an answer from the other side, even if he did exist, i’m sure he despises me as much as i despise the idea of him…

i just listen to a podcast and doze off….

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we love you too, sweet dreams

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Iwamoto, you sound like such a negative nancy. Bless you!!!

But reallly, I havent said a prayer before bed since I was little. I reflect on my day, think about random things, etc.

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I fluff my pillow, set my alarm and doze off.

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nah, i’m a realy happy boy, i just don’t like the idea of god, haha

…did i mention i write poetry in my journal before i go to bed, it’s usually a title in the line of “the infinite blackness” or “why don’t you understand me”....and then i do my hair, don’t want my coupe to get messed during the night…

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iwamoto!! You’re so EMO!

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stopt it wildflower, you don’t get me, nobody does…i feel such a major depression coming up, better get my notebook out

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I can barely manage to get my shoes off before bed. Do you think I would remember to pray?

And I don’t believe in god.

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I pray daily and nightly. Cheers all, much love.

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Before I go to bed, I always write down 3 success or miracles from the day. Occasionally I have to stretch for it, but usually it’s surprisingly easy.

When I remember, as I lie in bed I call up what I’m grateful for and try to really feel it in my heart.

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Religion is dangerous! I talk from personal experience having been both a ‘born again’ christian and a morman. All the time I was involved with religion I was made to feel inadequate and guilty. God in any form is just a made up conception for people to lean on when their lives aren’t going very well. Now I am free of religion I can breathe again.

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I say my unambiguosly addressed prayers and thank my lucky stars for my life, my loved ones, my opportunities, and the ability to make choices every day

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If God has a predefined divine plan, then what’s the point of prayer, since everything has already been decided based on his all knowing will.

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Nope. I don’t.

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Is anyone “up there” listening? Does it really matter?
Feels good.

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just out of curiosity…when you all pray, is it for things to happen or to thank things that have already happened?

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Well although I don’t pray before I sleep when I pray at other times I pray for both, thankful for what I prayed for the last time and then praying for things, whether it be for the welfare of my family or to help me get me through my exams heh.

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No. But I find your question sweet in an innocent way.

Pray before bed awwwww

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I pray whenever I feel like it…I don’t view it as a chore that I need to do before bed (and that was not a diss at anybody who does). But its not really praying for me, mostly jut conveying my ideas in the third person…I’m agnostic…so I don’t view god as a human figure. Its kind of hard for me to state what I believe so I am just going to leave it at that.
But I am all for those who do pray and follow their religion.

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I guess even if you don’t believe in a god ‘praying’ of any sort allows you to set out your thoughts and just be thankful for what has happened in recent times.

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but…who are you thankfull too if it’s all just random ?

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Isn’t it just nice to appreciate the good things that have happened, the things that make us realise that the world isn’t 100% bad? I did phrase it kind of badly as being thankful suggests you are showing thankfulness towards someone.

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Don’t forget to thank yourself for all of the contributions you make. Each of your actions has an effect on others.

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Let’s hope all of our personal actions have good effects on other people eh? ;)

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No, but I do meditate most of the time.

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When I was younger, I flirted with the notion of god for a while. Those days… I did pray every night. I found myself, however, lengthening it and trying to thik of everything that I could possible ask to be helped. I didn’t think it was fair to ask a god to bless my parents and not my friends parents… or to just take care of the problems that I knew about. I also thought it was greedy to ask about my issues. What about people whose lives are thousands of times harder than mine…. It got more and more complicated. I would ask about the old gods, and why a new god was more valid…. and so on and so forth.

I think that I might have, eventually, prayed myself in to atheism.

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Yes I do pray. I recall all my activities done in the morning and repent in front of God whenever I commit mistake.

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