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What have you done in the last year that you are very proud of?

Asked by JLeslie (54494points) November 7th, 2012

This is your chance to brag.

I created two facebook groups that have been extemely successful. In one group former work colleagues (friends) were brought together. In the other group club members in a car club I belong to have a place to communicate and ask questions and get information on upcoming events.

Today one of my former work colleagues died and it was posted in the group along with some photos. It was so great to see friends writing about their memories and condolences. Everyone from stock people to store managers (we all worked at Bloomingdale’s together) wrote comments and “liked” what others said. I felt really good about having started that group.

The other group I created even though most of our board members were not in favor of it previously. This year the new President thought it sounded good. It has been very successful, members love it and participate regularly.

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Started learning (and earning from!) a new profession. It’s great to have my brain engaged, and it involves some of my earliest loves: writing and editing.

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Honestly, nothing.

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I walked away from a job that I loved, but was killing me financially and physically. Within seven months I was able to land a gig with a much better salary and far fewer hours – and, I love this job too.

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I’ve become better at attending school regularly….a little.
And I’ve moved into my first own apartment and have acquired a passable sense of housekeeping, I guess.

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I’m truly blessed. I’m in a professional position where I can be a contributor to successful outcomes for the company, for the employees, and most important—for the consumers of the services that we provide. Every year, we raise the bar on what we intend to deliver, we often exceed our own expectations, and we deliver value. As CEO, I am able to craft employee benefit programs that have positive impacts on the lives of those in my staff “family.” I take great personal pride in the overall success of the company and our impact on the world at large.

Your question is timely for me . . . driving in this morning, I was behind a bumper sticker that said “Something wonderful will happen today.” And my inner dialog sprang into action—of course it will—and I’ll make sure I’m part of creating that wonderful moment for someone.

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I started my dream job working for an animal behaviour and training company as well as a course to compliment the work that I do. Today I received the results of my first assignment and got 70%. I am proud of the job that I do and, even though my results of the course do not effect my job negatively (only compliment if I do well) I am proud of my results on my first assignment since I was 16 years old! Now I have to get through the next 5 modules in order to be awarded the qualification that goes with it!

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Shit! A year ago today I hadn’t even returned to college post surgery. Since then I have readapted to college life, decided on my major, built a badass robot, gotten my first job, found my niche on campus, and found love. I’m doing pretty damn well for myself. Bragbragbrag.

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I was amazingly calm and stayed positive during a frightening health scare I had over the past summer. Good friends and family certainly helped me get through it all, but knowing how emotional and worrisome I can be at times, it surprised me how well I handled it all. I was proud of myself.

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I done a picture & the paint stayed in the lines & everything.

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You go, boy!

I wish I knew how to be proud of something. But I’ve trained myself that it’s all part of the process and there are no stopping points that I will be aware of.

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Wrote my M.A.
Won a mini-grant to begin my dissertation research.
Traveled internationally, completely alone for the first time, both as a mid-transition trans person and someone with a demanding chronic disease. Had life changing professional and personal experiences to say the least! Told someone incredibly important to me that I love him.
Just submitted my first article.
Decided to be single for the foreseeable future for personal growth. It’s been difficult but I know it’s the right decision for me right now. I’ve never been single this long before.

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