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Anyone know where I can download "Bad Piggies" for free?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) November 8th, 2012

I want this game for free, no strings attached, risk free. Is that possible?

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just pay the 99ยข

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Do you Android ? ?
Go to Google Play NC ( FREE – - BE )

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I do not have Android. I was hoping to play it on my computer.

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It’s $4.95 for the pc version. That’s how much it costs.

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@tom_g, Right, so I would like it for free, not $4.95

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You mean you would like to steal it?

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@tom_g Well if you know a way to do that without me getting a virus on my computer than sure.

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Sorry, but Fluther has a strict policy against supporting illegal activities.

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You might be able to get a free license if you contact the developer and agree to write up a review on your blog/facebook. Rovio is a decent sized company (as far as mobile apps go), so they may be less inclined to agree to this. Smaller developers, will sometimes agree to do this.

Why don’t you want to support the development? It seems kind of ridiculous that you’d be willing to steal people’s hard work. Have you ever been robbed? How did that make you feel? A lot of these developers are just making ends-meet and could be making a lot more writing banking software, or customer management tools for big companies, but instead want to make cool things for people to enjoy. When you steal from them, you often end up crushing their dreams and forcing them to go back into a cubicle where their soul is slowly siphoned away into the corporate void. It’s worth a few bucks to keep that from happening.

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