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What is a DVD decoder and how do I get a free one?

Asked by rdayton (18points) February 8th, 2007
I used to be able to play DVDs easily and I don't recall having to download anything to be able to do that. However, I recently had to erase and reload everything on my computer and now I can't play DVDs (although I have Windows Media Player). When I try to play one I get a message telling me that I cannot play DVDs because I do not have a DVD decoder. So, anyone who knows what that is, why I need it, or where to get it (hopefully for free), that information would be very helpful to me.
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A dvd decoder is basically just a program which can play (decode) the files on a dvd. You just need a good, free, dvd player. I'd recommend VLC ( That should put you back in business.
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I agree with Ben. VLC is perfect.

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