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Does anyone out there still play Snood?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) December 21st, 2009

I recently got back into it, because it randomly came up in my mind one day last month….but I (and everyone else in my dorm) was ADDICTED to it in college 10 years ago!! Anyone else play Snood? Is it as popular as it was back then?

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What is it?

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bick snood?

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I honestly have never played Snood before. Or heard of Snood. Just looked it up. Looks like it could be a fun game. But I will probably never play it or think about it again. Sorry =]

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whatttt, snood was the ish in middle school… i have played recently (like within the past year, but not too recently)

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That is all we would do in elementary school, that and Cro-Mag Rally.

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All I remember is Pogs. >_>

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OH MAN. You totally just brought back SO many memories for me. I had completely forgotten about that game, in spite of having played it for hours and hours back in high school… I think from the other answers we can gather that Snood has lost a bit of its popularity, but if someone made it into a Facebook app or something than it would probably come back a bit. :D

For those who don’t know what Snood is, you can check it out at their official website.

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Haha I found it on my computer the night before my physics exam and needless to say not much studying got accomplished that night. I forgot how addicting it is!!!

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I haven’t played that for a long time….

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Thanks to you, @melanie81, I went and discovered that there is an iPod/iPhone app for Snood out priced at $0.99. Guess who’s slacking off at work right now?

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Yea! Snood App!

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I remember all the fun we had in elementary school, trying to distract the teacher so we could play Snood instead of typing. Ah, delinquency.

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yeah, I made the mistake of downloading it at work and now I CAN’T STOP. I always have one finger on the “ESC” key in case my boss walks by….haha

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