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What is the message sent by leaving a dead pig in a Romney shirt outside a GOP campaign office?

Asked by filmfann (44461points) November 9th, 2012

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This isn’t Luca Brasi sleeping with the fishes.
Who could have done this, and what were they trying to say?

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Personally, I think it was the Angry Birds.

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What a waste of a good pig.

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Lord of the flies.

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“Hey guys, tough luck about losing the election. Thought you could use something to cheer you up, and what does that better than a cook out!? Here’s a pig to bbq up. We had to put this shirt on him to keep the bugs off.”

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It’s a gift from Obama. Muslims don’t eat pork. Someone should eat it.

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Variation of “lipstick on a pig”?

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I think they were trying to say “The GOP is dead” but how awful!

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Maybe it’s a reference to Miss Piggy, a thinly veiled threat on his wife’s life.

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Was it wearing lipstick?

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Sounds like something from Occupy Manhattan Beach.

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When life gives you pigs, have a pig roast.

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Effing liberals, Wasting precious bacon like that.

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This sort of stuff pisses me off. I don’t care who you are, being ungracious in winning is even uglier than being a sore loser. No matter what what the person was trying to say, they are a total asshole.

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I just feel bad for the pig, really. I hope it wasn’t killed for this.

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I have no idea, other than that it probably wasn’t a Republican. I’m disgusted by this. It makes me ashamed to think it was done by someone who was nominally on the same side I was. I’d rather see the opposition behave in such a graceless, revolting fashion than someone I’m supposedly in agreement with.

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It could totally be a Republican. A lot of them are pissed, and from my findings on the web a lot are pissed at Romney for not winning what should have been a slam-dunk.

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If that’s the case @johnpowell , then I’m only half as pissed.

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That idea doesn’t make me any less disgusted. I think it’s a trashy way for anybody to behave.

But this election was never a slam-dunk. Some people are going to have to wake up to the fact that people who don’t agree with one another still have to get along.

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There are details I would like to know.
Did the pig have an apple in its mouth, like it was to be cooked Hawaiian style?

It would be hard for the Republicans to blame this on Obama, since they claim he is Muslim, and they wouldn’t be able to handle a pig in this way.

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@filmfann, I looked it up and found that that way of roasting a suckling pig has been a tradition in many cultures across continents for centuries, so it would not necessarily imply “Hawaiian.”

There’s willful ignorance on both sides, but I do think many Republicans know perfectly well that Obama isn’t a Muslim. On the other hand, after reading a news commentary that quoted one guy who blamed Obama for sunspot activity, I wouldn’t want to try to estimate the extent of potential nuttiness among the right-wing partisans.

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I don’t know, but how awful. :(

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@Jeruba If I knew someone was powerful enough to cause sunspot activity, I would totally vote for him!

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But what if you knew he also caused Hurricane Sandy? I mean, that was Obama’s fault too, wasn’t it?

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Obviously a hate crime. :)

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