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Who should I use for car insurance in California?

Asked by kevin (24points) November 9th, 2006
Or does anyone have advice about what to look for and how best to get this info?
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If you can become a member of USAA (by have a parent or grandparent in the militray--I didn't realize I was eligable for years), they are by FAR the best. Amazing service, absurb prices.
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Mercury is fairly cheap.
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Thanks. Congratulations on the site, btw. It looks great.
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I have found farmer's to be the cheapest. Havent run into any major issues so dont know how good the service is
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I've had mostly good experiences with Amica.
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USAA is the best, AND I don't think you have to have a family member in the military anymore! Check them out.
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Anything but Geico.
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I second USAA, although I've never had to make a claim with the, but the customer service is amazing.
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esurance is such a steal! And you get real people on the phone to answer questions, not an automated service.
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I love Mercury
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Anyone have insurance with AIG? Are they any good?

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