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In which website will you find the awesome method of social media marketing?

Asked by sathyacen (1points) November 9th, 2012

As far as i concerned there is lots of sites you can Google and get know about the media sites. But http://www.mediamister.com/ is also one of the best sites that i have come across.

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Really? mediamister? They must be paying you to say that! The site is awful and know to be full of malware.

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Just flag it, guys.

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@jeruba that would involve messing with the iPhone website settings and at 6am that’s more effort than I can expend on these people.

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So you spent the time to learn that this is a Q&A site and went through the horrific process of asking a question here for? A few cents?

Part of me is pissed. The other part wishes you had better job opportunities.

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