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Facebook users: If you join other social network sites, do you attach the account to your FB or do you keep them separate?

Asked by jca (36046points) April 27th, 2017

I am considering joining Instagram and have also considered Twitter.

I am wondering if I should “Log in with Facebook” or keep the account separate.

What do YOU do?

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I never do anything that I have to log in with Facebook.

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I keep fb just for family and real life friends only.

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Depends on what it is. If it’s something I’m not going to use often and it’s not something that would cause me hassle if it were hacked into, I use the Facebook login because that’s one less password I have to remember.

Anything involving credit cards gets a unique password and no connection to Facebook.

My Twitter account is not connected to Facebook because I originally created it to complain about my mother in law and I didn’t want other family members seeing it. My Instagram is connected because I don’t care that much (and also, I think I signed onto it like twice. I’ll probably use it to help sell my soap though).

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I keep it separate.

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Depends. If it just some site that annoyingly demands an account in order to upvote or comment on something, and it makes sense for my fb account (which doesn’t have my real name or birthdate or much real info) to be doing that, and it offers an easy login via facebook, and I don’t think it’s going to spam me or anything, then I’ll use fb to login to be able to comment etc. If not, then generally not.

That is, I think, “Is this site going to do something annoying with my fb ID?” and “Do I care if this site gets my fb id?” and “Does it make sense to do what I want to do on this site as my db persona (mostly a political rant account with some interesting stuff and friended to some of my friends and family)?” and “Would it be better to use my actual name or ID on this site?” or “Would it be better to use another or a new ID for this site?” Based on my reaction to those sorts of questions, I do or don’t.

Oh, the above is my behavior in my usual mode using computers. On mobile I’m different – I often don’t use fb at all on mobile devices, because they tend not to be hooked up to my facebook ID for various reasons of annoyance with fb mobile apps that has me not install them and not associate the devices with my facebook id.

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Instagram is owned by Facebook. They will do everything in their power to get you to link the accounts.

I do not join anything else by linking to FB. I create new accounts.

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I don’t really use Facebook but I would never link accounts. I just always worry that what I do on one site will somehow be posted to Facebook and that is garbage.

I even even moved away from buying at newegg since they added the “share what you bought on facebook/twitter” step to buying something. I really don’t want to clog peoples feeds when I buy a new SATA cable.

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The only site I ever connect with my Facebook is Instagram, just because there’s no way to avoid it.

And one more reason for me to connect Instagram to Facebook is that it’s just another Facebook. My friends are all there and there’s no need to hide my identity. On other sites, well, too much risk just for a quick login. You don’t give your ID card to someone you have never met.

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My social network accounts are linked to my Facebook. It’s been convenient on Instagram, because it’s easy to find and follow all of my friends/family. My Facebook has a fairly small friend list as it is, so it’s not a lot to manage or fret about. I don’t really use any other social media unless you include Snapchat, which is more like a convenient messenger. I connect my Facebook to most things that I don’t want to remember a unique login/password and that don’t have any kind of sensitive information.

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I keep them separate

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