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Do you have any recommendations for a whole house humidifier?

Asked by tedibear (19290points) November 10th, 2012

We are considering adding a whole house humidifier to our current furnace/central air system. We had an Aprilaire (sp?) brand in the condo years ago and it seemed to work well. We will consider that brand, but I was wondering if any jellies had other recommendations.

If you do have a recommendation, what did you like about it? How long did it last?

My husband is researching this too, but I thought I would ask the collective as well.

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We use an Aprilaire. That’s because our heater service sells them. Before that, we used a Kenmore. It wore out after while. I have a feeling that’s what happens with these items. They aren’t constructed very well. They aren’t expensive.

I’d go with whatever my guy sold me. Unless you want to install it yourself. I doubt you’ll have much choice, and I also doubt it makes too much difference. Have you researched it yet? Looked at reviews? If I were going to shop for one and install it myself, that’s what I’d do. But otherwise it seems like it’s too much hassle. Just go with the service guy’s recommendation.

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Thank you, @wundayatta. I do think we’re going to go with Aprilaire. And yes, my husband is doing more research.

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