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Have you ever taken a vitamin or supplement that made a difference?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) November 11th, 2012

I was also thinking about the “old days” when the Doctor gave you a tonic if you weren’t feeling up to scratch. I wonder what was in those tonics?

At the moment, I have added Garlic capsules, B6 and a multi vitamin to my daily regime. Have you ever taken anything that has made a difference?

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Vitamin D and geritol. :)

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Yep, I have taken a whole slew.
They all made a difference. Because I needed them. I try to find the nutrients I need in food, but sometimes I have to be realistic and do take supplements. I have a good idea what I am missing. Like D3, it only occurs naturally in mushrooms, milk its usually added in and I lack sunlight.

My family has a propensity to lack B12 absorbtion so I usually can never get enough. And glutamine is an amino acid I am active, and have liver problems.
No one can tell you what you are lacking without testing or taking a look at your diet and history of problems, complaints.
I had the help of a naturalpath to help me get started then did a lot of reading and researching.
Its a rough start but it gets easier over time. And you reap the benefits. You could try taking a multi vitamin. Though there are multi vitamin rating sites. Don’t pick one off the shelf and assume you are getting everything you need. A lot of them don’t get absorbed. The good ones are expensive. I went for mid range one when I was overwhelmed and feeling crappy as I began to feel better I was able to make informed decisions as to what I needed and why as well as dosages.

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@marinelife recommended Biotin a couple years ago for hair and nail growth. It really works.

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Yes. Taking Vit. E and B6 reduced my PMS amazingly years ago.
I am also a diehard Vit. C fan and take at least a 1000 mgs. a day and have for years. I think it does make your skin nice and is a boost to the immune system for certain.

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Every single one I take & every supplement my son takes…

Right now, my two favs: Vitamin D & Melatonin.

Magnesium is a lifesaver, as are the others I take ;)

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I take fish oil, gluocosamine, chondroiton, One A Day, Vitamin E, and Ginko Baloma. I can tell you that when I don’t take the gluocosamine and Chondroiton, or the Ginko Baloma, I can tell the difference.

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So many things! I am a big pill popper, haha, and fan of herbal remedies as well.

-I’ve been taking a high dose Vitamin D supplement on prescription for about a year now. I had severely low levels before (common side effect of diabetes). It has helped my mood and energy levels SO much!
-Valerian is a long time favorite for anxiety and winding your mind down for restful sleep at night. (Get the pills, not the te; it smells… interesting.)
-Gingko for days that I need to go from 0–60 very quickly after I wake up :-p

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Peppermint oil on my temples always cures a headache.
Bromalain keeps me regular.

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Ha! In the “old days” the lysergic acid diethylamide my “doctor” sold me definitely made a difference.

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Vitamin D made a difference for me.

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@ETpro : Works great for headaches, eh? And improving your cycling skills! ;)

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Zycam-works every time

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Echinecea, Elderberry, Vitamin D, Magnesium, L-Lysine, Oreganol, And I’m just getting started. And my new favorite, Pure, unprocessed, expeller pressed organic coconut oil for cooking, for everything. I’m losing weight!

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Raw garlic is far more effective and free (when you compare it to the price of garlic capsules). PM me for how to take it if you don’t like the taste.

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@snowberry I’ve taken to adding a huge clove to my roasted veg’s it tastes divine

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Interesting, Zycam and other zinc lozenges give me a sore throat. Strange.

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@bookish1 I understand that recent research shows it causes some serious headaches with the DEA.

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