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Which religion is most common on fluther? I see a lot of atheists on here.

Asked by JenniferP (2113points) November 11th, 2012

I know you don’t call yourself a religion so pardon me. But what belief system is most common here?

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I’m a druid. I worship trees.

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I’m a progressive Christian but I think most jellies are agnostic or atheists.

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From what I’ve seen, there’s a whole lot of “I’m spiritual, but don’t identify with any particular religion”.

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Guys, I respect all religions. I do not dis any religion.

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IMO 87.5% atheist, 9% angostic, 2.75% other, and .75% those who consider or is considered Christian.

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I was baptized a Presbyterian. I went to church last Christmas, and prior to that it probably had been about 10 years since I’d been to church.

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I was raised not really being religious at all, so I kind of just became an atheist by default. I can’t see that changing in the future.

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“I am the bread of life.”

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Secular Jew.

(Am I the only one who checked @Hypocrisy_Central‘s math? Oh, me of little faith.)

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No idear. I’m Hindu.

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No Fundamentalists so far. I belonged to a site that was largely Fundamentalist in the past.

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Like @Judi, I am a progressive Christian, in an evangelical church. (Go figure!)

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I believe in the Matrix.

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Anti-theistic highly skeptical strong/hard atheist.

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but then, I’m not sure

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I’m a member of the same Church @Hypocrisy_Central covered above.

@JenniferP Being a Jehovah’s Witness on a Christian Fundy site had to be a test of your patience.

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<- – - Atheist who has been through the born-again Christian mill.

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I’m an atheist. We have several varieties of Christianity represented here, at least one Buddhist, several secular Jews, a lot of agnostics and many atheists. I’m not sure if agnostics and atheists are the majority here, but we definitely have a high percentage of them compared to other sites.

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@ET pro- Yes, I was already ganged up on and called names because I put out questions about Hellfire. I never knew they were allowed to use names like those. But some were nice.

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@JenniferP Ha! Yes, I can just imagine the loving names they gave you.

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But so far people seem nice here. They show respect. So far.

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@JenniferP Oh, some of us get full of ourselves from time to time, but for the most part, Fluther’s Jellies are among the nicest Cnidaria Medusozoa you’ll ever meet.

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I highy enjoy the philosophy of Deism.
I dont know how to do the link with just the one word so, I just threw the whole thing in there.

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@Adirondackwannabe Lol, love the druid answer.

Well, a lot of atheists here, but going with religion, I’m guessing Christianity is the most prominent one on here, as in, we have quite a few Christan members.

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@psyonicpanda See the small text right under the “Answer this question” input area. It shows a link and how it’s done.

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That’s me in the corner.

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I was raised Roman Catholic. I’m not really religious (haven’t been to church in about 10 years), but if I had to identify with a religion, it would be Roman Catholicism.

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The first question I ever answered on a Q&A site was on AnswerBag: “Why Don’t Pentecostal Girls Cut Their Hair?”

Ah, memories…

I think I had already outed myself as an atheist by the time I joined Fluther, though.

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Gosh, I don’t know.

I used to be kind of a Christian when I was I don’t really associate with any religion. I have no problem with other people’s beliefs though, I’ve also taken a course on world religions to understand them better. I do find them quite intriguing.

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Christian, no idea which type.

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Agnostic 32% Jedi 17% Vulcan 8% Church of Alcohol 65% Fundamentalist 5% Star Trek 12% Hobbit 11% Consumerist 99%

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Christianity would be the most popular religion on here, though theists/religionists are outnumbered by nontheists on here. There are a few New Age types (not many) and maybe a few nonreligious theists like myself on here too. There was a Wiccan on here at one time but I don’t see her on here anymore.

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@Paradox25 I think the Tea Party distracted her in a failed bid to purge a moderate Republican from the Delaware Senatorial race.

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