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What makes someone a "wonderful houseguest"?

Asked by janbb (51624points) November 12th, 2012

During the power outage, I stayed at a few different friends’ houses. They all mentioned to me afterward that I was a wonderful and understanding guest. I know I tried very hard to be considerate, helpful and undemanding. I also tried to respect each family’s own routines and privacy and not get in the way of their need for downtime. I’m just wondering what, in your opinion, makes someone staying with you a great guest.

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A little Independence, a spot of tidiness, understanding household routine and offering to pitch in when required.

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@janbb A nice question off shoot to this would be, your worse house guest experience ever!!

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Not being a bad guest, mainly.

The worst guests are picky eaters who make a HUGE point about being a picky eater. “Oh, don’t bother making any of that fresh zucchini bread for me! I don’t eat anything green.”

Oh, and smokers who bitch about not being allowed to smoke in my house. It’s not the fucking tundra outside, and I have a husband and a son with asthma. Get over it.

Just smile and tell me I’m a good cook, and we’ll get along swimmingly. ^_^

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I just thought of another I did that I think helps out a lot – I made my own breakfast.

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Leaving when they say they will.

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When they pay the bills & offer up a courtesy flush when taking a dump.

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Good answer, @Shippy. A good houseguest knows not only that it’s good to offer to be helpful, but also that help may not always be desired.

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I have someone staying with me and we get along great because we respect each other’s privacy and routines. He is also excellent company and we have some good talks together.

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I like when my guests help themselves, basically feel comfortable getting their own drinks or breakfast. Unless I have made a point I would cook a meal for everyone.

Very important to me is at the end of the stay they ask if I want them to strip the bed or what to do with the towels. I once had a guest strip her bed and put the damp towels in my washing machine without telling me. Two days later I finally went upstairs to wash and clean everything and found the bed undone and no towels in the bathroom. Everything was ruined sitting in my washing machine. I don’t always want to do the laundry the same day a guest leaves, but they put everything in the washer I have no choice.

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and distance.

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