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Anyone else not excited about the holidays?

Asked by jordym84 (4742points) November 15th, 2012

Growing up I always used to look forward to the holiday season. I have a big family and each year we would gather at a different relatives’ home on Christmas Eve for a big dinner and then, at midnight, open up our presents. However, my number one favorite thing about the holiday season was that special warm, fuzzy, happy feel in the air during the weeks preceding Christmas. Back in my home country holiday decor is not up until 2 weeks before Christmas and, traditionally, everything comes down on January 6th (Day of the Kings as its known in my culture, or Epiphany in the US), but now that I live in the US, by the time Christmas comes around I’m so desensitized that it just doesn’t feel special anymore…everything just feels overdone and overly commercialized. Especially in Orlando, with the theme parks and all, which start putting up Christmas stuff the day after Halloween (the super Walmart close to where I live had holiday stuff up on the shelves the second week of October!!).

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I’m just curious to know everyone else’s take on the sudden influx of holiday-themed…everything…which normally starts right around the first week of November. Do you like it? Hate it? Or do you just not care either way?

P.s. this is not meant to be a religious discussion nor do I want to alienate anyone who does not celebrate Christmas, and as such I would like to get everyone’s input, regardless of your religion (or lack thereof) and whether or not you celebrate Christmas or any other variation of the holidays.

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I’m the same as always, just another time of year. I like the little Christmas parade my town does, and usually I go to see nutcracker, but not always. I like the decorations around town and the Christmas parties. I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas in my family, so Christmas actually in some ways is more fun as an adult, because Christmas when I was a kid was the boringist day of the year. Now at least it is a day of with my husband, vacation day.

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I’ve had a hard time getting into it the entire time I’ve lived in Florida. So, most of my life.

It just seems a little fake to be singing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, when it looks exactly the damn same as it did in July, plus one or two dead evergreen trees.

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I’m trying to lose a little fat and save money, Christmas is not welcome.

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I am not a fan of Christmas because it’s a holiday that celebrates the worst about modern capitalist culture. It’s almost time to send out my Xmas Manifesto again this year (a document I distribute to my family that outlines my opposition to consumerism, and provides guidelines concerning gift-giving to me and my kids).

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They’ve started advertising Coke on the telly so Christmas must be coming. I am a little cynical of the commercialism but Christmas still works its magic on me. I love it. I have many happy memories and many happy Christmases still to come I hope.

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I love the holidays. We put away the Halloween decorations and are now putting up the Thanksgiving decorations. I am changing the table cloth to the Fall colors, and getting out the fall flower arrangements. I am cleaning the Holiday glass ware and the good china.

I have to admit that the Christmas decoration boxes are still stacked in the hallway as they have been ALL YEAR. No one ever put them back out in the storage shed. I can hardly wait to open them again.

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I have despised Christmas for as long as I can remember. For the reasons you stated above, but also , many bad things happened over Christmas in our family. Here is SA it’s so dammed hot too. And I got sick and tired of many a father Christmas dressed in velvet in scorching heat. Waving discount signs in their hands. Pfft!

However, I am moving to the land of Christmas, where everything is magical, there is real snow, and cold blue sky’s. Plus my beloved is there. So from now on, every Christmas will be magical.

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@tom_g, try celebrating Festivus. good luck, @Shippy

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Are you kidding? Doctor Who returns on Christmas. Of course I’m excited!

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December is my favorite month of the year, not just because of Christmas day but Christmas spirit in general! I love listening to Christmas music, decorating the house, picking out a tree and decking it out, being with family, buying and exchanging gifts, the whole shebang! I also celebrate Hanukkah in December, so that’s yet another thing to enjoy! I look forward to the holidays every year, and I see myself continuing to do so. I wish we could skip November and go straight to December!

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I’ve become desensitized to ‘Christmas in October’ desensitization.

What burns my ass is that they’ve now turned Thanksgiving, the best holiday ever, in to a lunatic shopping riot instead of the relaxing break before the Christmas rush it used to be.

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Bah ! Humbug !
I do like Halloween a lot, but “The Holidays” piss me off with all their obligations.
I find especially annoying the gift-giving expectations.
Also, I do Not like crowded shopping at any time of the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my relatives and friends, and I like visiting them, I like giving presents, but something about ‘the season’ makes me cranky.

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I figure anybody can do what they want as long as they do not stop me from acting out the holidays the way I like. If retailers want to start the Christmas shopping season on the 4th of July, nothing changes for me. They have their dreams and schemes, I have mine.

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I’m excited about food. Not holiday.

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My advice to anyone who doesn’t like the decorating and trappings of the holidays – don’t do it. It’s much better to enjoy your own choices of activities rather than let a calendar event rule your life.

I’m crafty and I love decorating for every special occasion or just for fun.

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I’m not even flying home to visit, and I have about 50 days of leave saved up lol. It’s going to be cold and wet. Then there’s the holiday travel hassle, then the money which I don’t feel like spending.

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@Blackberry You should take a space A flight to Hawaii for Christmas with all that leave.

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I heard my first christmas song in the store yesterday. Guys, it is WAY tooo early. No, I am not excited.
Also thanksgiving has been a bone of contention in my household for 30 years now. My fault, I want to go camping with my other male friends. I have done it since 1974 but it makes no difference, it still causes consternation in the household. Positive note, I have convinced my daughter to help me handle the thing with my wife. YAY for daughters!

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Not excited. I don’t celebrate this, unless someone invites me over for Christmas. It usually happens and it’s always fun, but otherwise, I plan on watching Viking movies all day.

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OOOhh my favorite viking line…........Tony Curtis saying (in his best New Jersey Accent) “Yonder lies the castle of me Farder”

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I used to be excited about it when I was little, but I seem to have become a grinch much like my mother. I scoff everything about the holidays and the special holiday foods are really nasty.

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raises hand
I used to like Christmas because my mother was a really good cook. But it was still stressful and depressing to be around my folks. And the hyperconsumerism surrounding Christmas has long disturbed me. I saw my first Christmas ad on a TV in a bar last night…it made me feel mentally deranged, but then I remembered, it is still before Thanksgiving; I’m not going nuts…

This year is going to be my first Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s alone. I’m just looking forward to them so I don’t have to go to campus for days on end, and can dick around at home and get work done on my own schedule.

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I dread christmas now.

When I was single, all i had to worry about was one meal of pozole and tamales and all that stuff. But my fiancée comes from a big family, and I have to go with her to visit them all. That means 3 christmas meals in one day.


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If our son can make it here for the holidays then it will be cool but if not then meh. It’s still a good time to be alive. Despite how bad the cold affects me I still want it, if that makes any sense

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