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Any one any good at translating cat 'lingo'?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) November 15th, 2012

Cats seem to have a language of their own! Could any one explain any of these?

1. When your cat looks at you and blinks a lot
2. Walks and stretches back legs at the same time as walking!!
3. Makes squeaking noises from another room, and waits for you to reply!!
4. Stands and stares at you while being as still as a statue from the doorway? (For hours)

If you know anymore of the language would love to hear your own kitty linguistic skills!

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!. Cats convery affection and submission through blinking. Eyes at half mast, indicate contenment and comfort and a feeling of safety. Cats prefer blinking and squinting and side contact over direct,sustained eye contact which is usually reserved for aggressive encounters.

2. Means she is walking and stretching. lol

3. Is keeping in touch with you, looking for reassuring communication feedback.

4. Catemplation in deep zen cat mode. haha

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@Coloma Omg!! loll, I thought you said ‘squirting” hahahaha. She cant be stretching every dam time she walks loll

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Schrodinger, my little black tomcat, has no trouble at all letting his opinions be known.

Also, what @Coloma said.

My personal favourite cat noise is the “I’m gonna eat you” noise that he clucks out at the moth he’s chasing around the room. It sounds like a playing card hitting bicycle spokes.

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@Seek_Kolinahr loll you sure its a cat you got there haha

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I am no cat expert but it sounds to me as if you have a cat that is pretending that she is on the catwalk and modelling with her walk stretch walk stretch.

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Point 3 sounds adorable :)

Point 1 is what my mother cat does too, and all the more often when he sees you handling his food!

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@Seek_Kolinahr loll that must be American cats only!!!!

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Point 1 is what my mother cat does too, and all the more often when he sees you handling his food!

Did you intend to write ” mother’s cat…”, or do you have a hermaphrocat? ;-)

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Basically everything just means “Feed me damnit!!!!”

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@Shippy I used to have a ‘British’ cat who made that chattering noise whenever she was going after a fly or other insect. Her noise sounded a bit like the ‘predator’ clicking sound.

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@scuniper It really is, you should hear this household late at night loll. Much squeaking!

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My female siamese is a shameless hussy and bully. lol
She is so coy with my male who is twice her size. She makes all sorts of seductive, come hither sounds and puts her rear in his face, tempts him into chasing her, jumps on him, tackles him and then goes all emo and screams and runs away when he comes after her.
Yes, they are both spayed/neutered and it’s all part of their play, but she is quite the manipulative little thing. haha

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Only if I am familiar with the cat in question.

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1. Some people believe that direct eye contact with blinking is cat for “I love you”. I don’t know whether I believe that or not.

2. Walking and stretching indicates preening to me…

3. She’s asking where you are and is saying hello.

4. She’s either just content in your presence, or she’s wondering how difficult it would be to take you down.

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I. I want more food
2. I want more food
3. I want more food
4. Clean my sand box or else!

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Anyone else have a cat who snorts when he/she is displeased? When mine wanted to be left alone, he would make a high-pitched moaning sound that quickly sank into a long almost-growl, and then snort. The meaning was very clear, but I always wondered if other cats did that too.

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lol @Seek_Kolinahr – I love that sound! One of mine in particular does that if he sees something outside that may possibly be edible, such as a gecko. Even if he knows it’s on the other side of the glass. Cracks me up everytime.

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1) Why are you not petting me, I own you.

2) I do what I please, I own this place…and you.

3) When I call you it means I want you to cater to me.

4) I am pondering why you aren’t doing things for me and I am sending you the mental notes in hopes you will get off your ass and serve me.

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I forgot to add that one of my boys has a habit of absolutely never walking into a room unannounced. He makes sure that me (and his brother, lol) acknowledge his entry by emitting a very loud “mew”.

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A blink is a cat smile,
because it feels effing good and you can do it if you’re a cat,
wondering why you’re not worshipping him at that very instant in question,
training to be a ninja of course.

@PeppermintBiscuit : My cat was very good at letting me know when she was disgruntled, or even appalled. She snorted a lot!

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Flat ears mean kitty’s pissed and watch out for your face.
Big fluffy fur standing on end all over means kitty is on a vision quest and is going to race around the house and hallucinate.

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1. Pay attention to me
2. I cannot believe I slept that long.
3. Pay attention to me.
4. Pay attention to me.

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@bookish1 loll that includes attacking corners of the bathroom wall high up and suddenly staring at something behind you Aaah!

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@Brian1946 ‘course I do! And I am it’s kitten :)

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@bookish1 OMFG. I can’t stop laughing! Ninja Cat!

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There’s a great book you’d love which translates cat language, complete with lots of pics. It’s an oldie but goodie called “The Silent Miaow” by Paul Gallico and you can pick it up on Amazon for cheap.

(There’s another one listed with a different spelling of Miaow but you want the one by Paul Gallico.) It’s a classic. Priceless. Adorable and funny.

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The first one, I read somewhere that when a cat does that, they’re showing a sign of being submissive towards you.

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