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If someone likes George Carlin, Louis CK, Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies, what other comedians would you recommend them?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) November 16th, 2012

I love me some stand up comedy, the ones named in the title are my favorites.

I do like more blunt and rude comedians, however they don’t have to be. I recently saw a religious republican guy with a country look, that did family safe comedy that was hilarious, but I do lean more towards the rude and blunt to the point comedians. Who are perhaps more liberal in their politics.

Due to where I live, and what media and news are available, I have a hard time some times finding out the names of new (or old) comedians, and would appreciate some suggestions.

Can you think of any comedians that I could look up, that could be to my taste?


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I’ll tell you the ones I like and maybe some of those might sound interesting to you.

Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Robert Kelly, Gary Gulman, Jay Davis, Donald Glover, Joe Rogan, Nick DiPaolo and Ron White.

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Lewis Black for sure. Also, Daniel Tosh is pretty crude and hilarious in a different way.

I also like Dane Cook, Dave Chapelle, and Nick Swardson.

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Jimmy Carr.

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I second Lewis Black. Also Jim Gaffigan is very funny.

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Robert Schimmel was the first to jump to mind for me. Also Bill Hicks was great.
It hurts me when people refer to Dane Cook as a comedian…

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Russell Peters is one of my favorite stand-up comedians.

@uberbatman good to know I’m not the only one who feels that way about Dane Cook.

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@jordym84 He’s far from the only one. I think he’s the Creed of comedy – people either love him or hate his guts, no in-between.

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@livelaughlove21 Yup, I agree. Most of my friends love him; I think I’m the only one in our group who doesn’t care much for him.

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Jimmy Carr, Artie Lang and Frankie Boyle. To a lesser degree, Ed Byrne.

Dane Cook’s jokes tend to either take long winding paths that I struggle to find where the punch line is because none of it is funny, or are funny but have been directly stolen from other comedians.

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Another vote for Sam Kinison. He was my favorite. Along with Steven Wright.

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I don’t like much stand up comedy. I do like George Carlin though, that man knows whats up. Louis CK is alright. Though they aren’t the same style, my absolute favorite comedian otherwise is Mitch Hedberg.

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I am fucking disgusted that neither Patton Oswalt nor Dave Attell have been brought up yet.

@uberbatman . . . hicks is the man

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Yes, Dave Attell, although he seems to have disappeared.

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@Blackberry . . . He has a series on Showtime called Dave’s Old Porn.

Well worth checking out.

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I second Patton Oswalt and will add John Mulaney and Daniel Tosh.

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Tom Segura is fucking hilarious.

Chad Daniels
Is also pretty awesome.

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@Blondesjon true, Patton definitely deserves a mention, as does Brian Posehn

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David Cross has awesome stand-up.

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Bill Bailey is a Bard.

Also, seconding David Cross and Eddie Izzard.

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She’s not for everybody, but I really like Sarah Silverman

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The talent mentioned in your question tells me that you and I have very similar comedic taste. For anyone unfamiliar with Bill Burr, do yourself a favor and watch any of his three specials available for streaming via Netflix.

Never been a fan of Sarah Silverman, but on the Fallon show recently, she played a message left on her cell phone from her dad, who said:


That’s pretty funny….

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