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Help with an aching tooth?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) November 17th, 2012

I have a super duper phobia of dentists, due to a bad experience. However, lately have had a lot of dental work and more to go. One issue I’m having is my wisdom tooth was filled. This was a few months ago. When the anesthetic wore off, it hurt like the blazes. But settled. Then recently began to ache again and got worse.

So off to the dentist I went and he said the bite was off,he filed it down, no anesthetic ouch! Its still aching. He X-Rayed all three teeth to check and all good. All roots fine no issues. Is it just sensitized from ‘pressure?’ I know you are not all dentists but thoughts I’d try anyway. I really don’t fancy going back since he said its all OK and not my favorite place either.

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From experience, it really does desensitize eventually as long as everything else is checking out. It is a bitch and a half to get through that period.

I’ve used a couple techniques… 2 Alleve in the morning and dissolve an 81 mg aspirin right at the site of pain as needed. That will usually get you through the day. If it’s heat or cold sensitive, hold water temperature of whichever causes most pain right there until the pain is gone. hurts like a sonofabitch for a few, but kills pain response for a long time after

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@Blueroses Thanks so much, was puzzled and wondering what would I even say to him since it was yesterday I had it all checked out. Woke up this morning still aching. But one Panado does the trick. Bit nervous of your ‘water temperature idea’ will keep you posted!

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I know, I know…. it’s hard to cause yourself pain but after many sleepless hours, you get desperate. It’s like you burn out the pain receptor, if you can tolerate getting there.

Cold might relieve and feel good for 5 minutes. Heat hurts like scourges of hell for 30 seconds that feels like a month…. then the receptors are finished and you’re good for several hours.

I only did this because I refuse narcotics. If you’re really hurting and can call your dentist, you can get Percocet or Vicodin. I don’t recommend that route for anyone who can avoid it.

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Sometimes it’s the gums that make it hurt. Are you flossing good? You could try gargling with water and clove oil, or even making a clove tea if you don’t have the oil.

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I have never really had pain at the dentist during the procedure and after. And I have had a lot of work done.

Four wisdom teeth yanked: no pain
One normal tooth pulled: no pain
Probably 20 cavities filled: no pain

Maybe your dentist isn’t very good.

“So off to the dentist I went and he said the bite was off,he filed it down, no anesthetic ouch!”
^ Totally unacceptable. Your dentist is incompetent.

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Agreed. Get a new dentist, pronto. See if you can get one to see you on an emergency basis because of your situation. I hate dentists too. Too many horrid experiences!

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@johnpowell It was bloody sore too. And when I said stop he didn’t. Ugh I just hate finding new dentists.

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Aspirin will eat the enamel right off the tooth. Do not dissolve an aspirin on the tooth.
Yes, go back to your dentist asap for pain management help.

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< Filing the bite down is a recognised treatment and often works. It will settle. Sometimes takes a few months. Remember, teeth are living things and any work done on them can make them inflamed for a while. Take some ibuprofen. You’ll be fine. If the tooth and surrounding were carefully xrayed and examined, then take your dentist’s advice and wait.

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It should get better with time, but in the meantime take some type of painkiller? Or use orajel. Nutmeg also helps with tooth pain, just rub it on the tooth and it should relieve it at least a little.

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Thanks everyone. Using a heat pad on my face and taking moderate medication :) appreciate all the answers. (The heat pad really works)

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> I just hate finding new dentists.

I found out how much I hated my dentist when I had pain so bad I couldn’t speak or even open my mouth, and I still didn’t want to go to him. Instead I went to my children’s dentist that one day, and while I was there I asked him who his dentist was. He said he went to Dr. C. That was twenty years ago, and I still think Dr. C. is wonderful. I say quite sincerely that I hope I don’t outlive him.

You might try asking a professional whom you trust to recommend someone.

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