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Why not make your own Twinkies?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) November 18th, 2012

One recipe here. This takes a long time and they need to be eaten within a reasonable time, but hey…any port. Will you try this?

Or this recipe with a shelf life of forever?

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Here’s a serious recipe demonstated by a legitimate chef. He makes real sponge cakes and pipes meringue and sugar syrup inside.

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Seems like a fad whose time has come! Now, can you find me a recipe for Hostess Apple Pies? ;)

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What’s my time worth?(I am donating five minutes to this research only because it is you, Auggie)

The recipes I did find were too pure and too uncorrupted. Sorry.

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I have some books “Top Secret Recipes: Restaurant Secret Recipes Revealed” by Todd Wilbur. He has recipes for all the major chain restaurants’ favorites and I think Twinkies are in there.

I never liked Twinkies or any of that crap, and I wouldn’t bother trying to make them. To me, if I’m going to make something, it’s going to have fruit and/or nuts in it, as I’m into texture and roughage.

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Thanks for trying, Gail. I wonder if there’s a pie dough glaze recipe…one I could put on a regular apple pie crust that would make the crust sweet like those little pies. Hmmm, must research this.

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Wouldn’t an egg wash brushed on and then sprinkled with some granulated sugar give you the glaze? It is really more in the shape and the folding and pricking.

@jca: I am not recommending that we try this, but I am amused at the latest YouTube and Twitter fad.

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I won’t be making my own Twinkies because I never have liked them and don’t plan to start now merely because they’re on the endangered species list :)

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I was the only kid on my block who hated the white creamy centers in both Twinkies and Oreos. Yuck!

But I do like that sweet whipped cream frosting that @gailcalled was talking about on that cake thread earlier today. It tastes pure and fresh, without that weird slightly metallic chemical taste that haunts Hostess products.

You can all taste it right now, can’t you?

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Twinkies make you fat.

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@Kardamom Wow, that is the only part of an Oreo that I like! I even have an idea for them to just sell the Oreo Stuff. I used to just eat the middle and throw away the cookie.

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^^ LOL, I was the complete opposite. Actually, now I don’t even like the chocolate cookie part, it’s way too sweet and bitter, but the inside was just pure chemical badness. They look so cute, though.

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I never thought about it before but maybe I will start making my own.

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@Kardamom There’s a cake thread? Could someone post a link, pretty please?

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It never is the same when you make it yourself

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Because they’re sickly sweet garbage.

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@glacial Here’s the Q about the Tardis Cake

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I don’t even cook and I’d love to try to make some Twinkies! Well from what I’ve been hearing lately, I guess I’ll have no choice pretty soon if I want a Twinkie.

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It’s nice when people do things for you.

On that note, will you be a doll and make me a sandwich?

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stuck fucking record

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To me, the recipes seem more like a meringue than a “cream filling”. I have a simple recipe for a Twinkie cake where the cream filling consists mainly of Crisco and sugar. It’s thick and gooey and waxy and really unhealthy (kinda like real twinkies!). I make it every year for a friend’s birthday and he just loves it. (Once a year is about all you can eat it!)

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