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How can I do something productive during my uni break?

Asked by julia999 (343points) November 22nd, 2012

I noticed some people have a DRIVE to do things.
I know I’m surrounded by opportunities, but I can’t see them.

I have a 2-month break.
Too short to start an apprenticeship.
And I’m not interested in travelling.

All the ‘adventurous’ things I wanted to do, like go to the beach, snorkel, see friends… I’ve done all that, and now I want to do something useful.

I was thinking of getting work experience relating to my course.

My other friends have businesses or are amazing computer programmers.

I’m studying a worthwhile course, but I feel there’s an opportunity to do something worthwhile in this break that’s separate to my course.

Maybe even something that gives me skills, even if it doesn’t provide me with an income.

I realise this is something I need to discover for myself, but I’m lacking a mentor, so I can’t help but ask. Does anyone have any ideas?

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… In my spare time, I learn computer languages and systems. I’m learning UNIX/LINUX right now… you might be able to pick out a few books in your public library. But be forewarned, Linux is not easy… It can be, though.

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Visit one of the many online volunteer sites and sign up for something in your area.

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I second volunteering. There are so many organisations who are crying out for people to help. There is bound to be a site online in your country where you can identify places that need your help. It may even provide opportunities for real work experience in your field. You certainly might find mentors and long term friendships.

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I’ll take a look around. Thanks everyone for responding

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What about volunteering in your community?

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If there are a few books that you’ve always wanted to read when you have the time you can get to work on them during the class. While it might not seem as productive, to be quite honest looking back I have learned a lot more from the books that Iv’e read on my own than the courses that I’ve taken in school.

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