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Locating startups to join in a new city?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (684points) March 14th, 2016

I just moved to a new city and I am actively looking for work. I was curious about how to find tech startups and wondered if you guys had any thoughts for how to find them.

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Where are you? Country? State ? County? Many counties around here, Western NY, have an Entrepreneurs Network or Technical Assistance Center or such similar names. Start searching with the county name in front of words like those above and see what pops out.

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In addition to @LuckyGuy‘s suggestion, I would also recommend talking to business people in your area about what passes for “business incubators” in your area. It doesn’t seem to be a well-searchable term by itself, but business incubators are real, and they do exist – sometimes in small towns where you might not expect such things.

The other clarification that might help to narrow the search is your own explanation of what you mean by “tech startup”. Computer apps? High-tech welding and fabrication? Advanced electronics? Exotic materials? Biotech? Nanotech? “Tech” covers a lot of ground these days.

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Look up High Tech xxxx were xxxx is the name of the city you are in. There will likely be an organization with that name. Also check out Maker Space xxxx and go to one of their meetings . It will expsoe you to a fun group of guys. Yep I wrote “guys:”. I’ve been to a few of these and the only females I have never seen are of the electical connector variety. Maker Spaces are not good places to meet women. They are good for meeting entrepreneurs, engineers and hobbists working on projects.
Good luck!

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You can also try your local Chamber of Commerce.

I wasn’t looking for the same as you, but thats where i went shortly after moving here. And these folks know pretty much everything about the area, regardless of whether a particular business is a member or not.

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What is this new city you moved to?

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Clarkston, Michigan. (Not exactly a booming metropolis) but they did have a listing for tech businesses, classes for entrepreneurs etc.

However, many years ago when I moved to Philadelphia, because of its size there were so many other options not available in smaller places. For instance, there was Phila. Magazine, a monthly with lots of good info plus a yearly Best Of list for everything under the sun.

And of course there were the daily newspapers, the Daily News and the Enquirer. Here in Clarkston the daily Detroit papers don’t do us much good except occasional restaurant reviews.

I also just remembered something that has just recently begun here. It was a locally produced weekly PBS show featuring business startups, which did include a few tech startups as well as business incubators.

But unless your local area also has an enterprising guy like Gary Breedow there who can talk a tv station into airing a similar program, that’s not going to be of much help elsewhere. But you should do a quick phone check in with your local PBS affiliate. You never know what interesting things might show up.

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