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Should fluther delete all the questions that don't have a "Great Question" lurve point?

Asked by ninjacolin (14204points) November 23rd, 2012

If no one thinks it’s a good question, why keep it around?

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I’m pretty sure you know as much as I do that a question doesn’t need a GA to be a good and legitimate question, by Fluther’s standards. The point system is just a fun little thing, and doesn’t reflect or confirm a question’s quality. (or answers, for that matter)

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Well that’s ever so slightly fucking harsh, lets not eh?

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All questions are good questions. They all go down in history! I Googled “Medication Phobia” and there was my question on Fluther!!!!! so be careful what you say peeps

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No one give @ninjacolin a GQ. Then we can all flag this for being an undeserving question. :P

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GA’s & GQ’s are optional, for fun, not mandatory to keeping a Q. up.
@Symbeline said it best.

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^^ Ouch!
I’m just trying to backwardsly suggest a more giving attitude for GQs!
They feel nice.

Anyway, i guess some questions just aren’t that great to anyone sometimes and maybe it would feel like lying to give a GQ when it isn’t deserving… ah well.. People are interesting..

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I think a good question is more valuable than a good answer and should get more points, say 10. I don’t think any question should be deleted.

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In truth I think my error was here:

“If no one thinks it’s a good question, why keep it around?”

see, while “Great” questions are great.. all the rest may still at least be “Good” questions.
(or “amazing” or “fantastic” etc..)

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You’ve hit the nail on the head in your last reply, @ninjacolin. Not all questions will be Great Questions, but they can still be valuable for a number of reasons.

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No, it is part of the history of the site. Also, someone who needed the answer to that specific question could use it.

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I rarely remember that you can give someone a great question. It may be the best question I’ve seen, but I don’t hit the button.

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^ yes, that’s what I really thought a lot of us were doing. because i know i’m guilty of the same.

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Knowing this place I have come to know it, I bet some people don’t get GQs simply because of who they are. I would vote to keep the questions alive anyway.

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The rating system is meaningless. I used to give a GA to everything, just to reward every contribution, and encourage people to participate.

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I say yes.

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One day the CIA will link us all to our real world names, and then the shit will hit the fan.

Not a question. Sorry.

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For all of the great questions where I was the only one to give it lurve, to those questions that I’ve asked that didn’t get any lurve I say no. I’ve also seen what I thought were stupid questions get plenty of lurve. Given the reasons why people get more lurve than others on here I’m not a fan of your suggestion.

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Sometimes we forget that it’s a Q and A site that evolved into the jelly community we call fluther. Some of the best questions, by definition, might have but one, correct and helpful, answer. The one who replied didn’t click on GQ… it’s still a great question, solved by a great answer.

The rest is fluff. Good ol’ SOCIAL Fluther fluff we need and love – still, fluff.

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pillowy fluff!

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Some questions get allocated that shite we call lurve based solely on “chums” nowt to do with quality at all, another reason why the scoring system ain’t worth pissing on, regardless.

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One of the reasons I’m glad lurve isn’t based on the fb like system. Where the likes come with names and faces.

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@ucme One of the reasons I’m glad lurve isn’t based on the fb like system. Where the likes come with names and faces.

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Just because no-one else thinks it’s a GQ, doesn’t mean it’s not still important to the asker. At least one person thinks it’s a GQ.

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Ummm… no. Basically for the same reason that completely ridiculous questions shouldn’t be deleted despite the multiple “This is stupid but made me laugh” GQ’s. Helloooooo… @janets anyone?

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