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What is the largest amount of lurve points you've accumulated in a day?

Asked by cage (3117points) June 25th, 2008

Or at least the most that you know of.
The reason I am asking this question is because today I have already racked up
50 :) (!!!!!)
from a combination of good answers and good questions.

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see Paul Coyle’s Interactive Fluther User Statistics Browser.

Sure would be nice if there was a Tools page, or link to that thing on the About page, or something.

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according to paulcoyle’s page, i get around 36 pts/day. yikes i better step my game up huh? :P

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@rob… ooooh thank you, that’s quite useful. although I have no idea of other peoples names to compare myself lol

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I’ve racked up 130 today, in theoretical love anyway. (Once you hit a certain amount of lurve from one person, it doesn’t affect your score anymore.) This is all stuff that hopefully will be available through the API (a way for web developers to get information out of Fluther and into their web apps) so that people can make interesting stats apps that go deeper than the User Stats Browser. Not to say that it isn’t damned cool as it is!

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I have received 114 in the last 24 hours. Like richardhenry mine only actually went up at 15 due to the cap.

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@ jp and rh – how do you guys know your theoretical love? do you actually keep track of the # of GA’s and GQ’s you get in a day? Or does it show in your lurve page as ”+5 for bla bla” but there isn’t an actual increase in your fluther score?

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@jp: Yeah, think mine went up 30 or so. Poor Gail’s score inches about a point a day!

@PnL: Yeah, I just took a quick look at the history and roughly added them up.

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@PnL I just counted and multiplied from my Lurve page.

edit :: and my average is just under 18 per day.

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I average 56 points a day.

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okay that would change my answer a bit, but not as much as you two since most people probably haven’t reached a cap for me. and it’s always good to know that flutherers can add and multiply :)

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According to paulc’s tool I rack up an average of 53.9 lurve points a day – and I’ve now been at it for 80 days…......should I be sad or proud? that is the question!

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This isn’t meant to single anyone out. I just roamed around and picked out familiar names.

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@johnpowell. that’s quite interesting. :)

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Yay. I’m number 2.

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Where’d your previous username fit in?

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14 points/day
.7 questions/day
5 answers/day

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Huh… maybe today?

— 24 GA’s (+5)
— 1 GQ (+3)
— 1 daily (+1)
124 lurve points. (And yet, my score has increased less than 1/3 of that.)

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I dunno… a few hundred probably on a day with a lot of religion questions.

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@del, that’s G-d’s way of raining blessings down on you.~

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Do you all really fluther for the lurve?????

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@ marina – i barely notice it, i was kidding about stepping my game up

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Absolutely not – although the lurve is a funny way to spot that either someone liked what I said, or their finger slipped on the iPhone….what I really appreciate is someone responding to what I’ve posted, whether they agree with me or not, that’s when it gets interesting.

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I just find it a nice achievement in a way. It;s not like I only fluther for the lurve. But I guess i draws me in a lot more. It’s like, I used to comment on youtube loads, but you don;t get anything out of it, so I don;‘t see the point now. On fluther there actually is a point in answering questions and so on, thanks to the lurve system :) .

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I don’t know, I joined August 3rd last year but until maybe January or February I Forgot about it. And Lately I haven’t been really trying to get great answers or questions so I am afraid to calculate it because I think it might be like 19 or something.

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Yours is 1.613 lurve/day

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hmm, wow I’m terrible haha.

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Very little because most people diagree with my answers. Go figure I am not considered one of the top 50 flutherers…just look at my score and I have never been on the chat room I hear about.

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121 lurve points now in the last 9 hours and still counting. I’m going for a record for 24 hours :)


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no, sad is that i feel i have participated quite a bit in a month and i feel so lucky if i get 20 points in a day…oh well :-(

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Marina: I have NO idea about it at most times. I… I usually just ignore it. I’ve just noticed that it skyrockets on a day full of clashing.

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Del* I didn’t know you’re a newer fluther user than me. Congrats, I just didn’t start using fluther I suppose until you were already super active.

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hah! Yeahhhh… I was part of the iPhone ‘splotion.

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I think I got almost 300 on my second day. That was pretty sweet.

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what are lurve points, how do you get them?

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@robmandu Unfortunately that’s a dead link.

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@jo_with_no_space, that’s not a dead link. It’s live, but the app itself is no longer available, saying:

Sad Face :(

Looks like fluther’s profile format changed and I’ve no time to follow suit. Thanks for all the nice comments about the app!


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@robmandu Well, you know what I mean… :)

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I don’t keep track on a daily basis, but it averages around 100. My second week on fluther, it was more because of all the people adding me to their fluther, but that has slowed down now.

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About 300.

That’s when I decided to stop counting.

And think before I write. Sometimes.

Oh, and to eat and drink too. It’s hard to eat and drink when typing 24/7 on fluther.


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I honestly have no idea. Is there a way to look back and find out, or is it simply a matter of paying attention?

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Boy has it changed since ‘08 – I got about 700 in 24 hours – without trynig hard. Seen newbs get 5000 in a few weeks.


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