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What program is good to learn advanced Italian?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I already know Italian and I don’t need no basic stuff like Rosetta Stone I’d approciate something that will sharpen my Italian grammar .

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NOTHING will help you improve your language at that stage except for talking to a native speaker. Go to this site . It is a language learning partner site. You offer your services (you obviously know English and maybe another language), and put “italian” as the learning language. Run a search, add people that fit your criteria. EVERYONE on that site is there to learn so they are all very helpful. Before you know it you will be chatting with a native Italian, who can learn English from you and you can learn Italian from him/her. An option of voice chat is available of course, which is what I would recommend. I am currently using that site to learn Chinese and met some great people! Hope this helps.

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This site. A little expensive, but that’s the cost of learning a new language. I’m actually taking Italian IV in high school right now.

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@jstring – The site you mentioned only offers level 1–3. I think the asker wants something more advanced.

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I agree that to jump to fluency in Italian, you need a native speaker. (However, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that in English it’s—“I don’t need any basic stuff…... I’d appreciate.”)

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Grazie tutti moltissimo. Ciao !
Thank you all very much. C ya!

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Rosetta Stone worked for friends of mine.

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My son was given this suggestion by a teacher in High School that he marveled at because he was fluent in so many diverse languages. Call around to care facilities for the elderly and ask if they have someone there that speaks Italian fluently and wouldn’t mind a visitor that wants to acquire more skill in the language. Works both ways, company for the elderly person and more fluency for you.

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@See: Terrific idea.

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i agree, that really is a good and fun way to learn a new language!

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And you can play Bocci also.

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The man who taught the course was incredible. He had kids taking his classes, just so they could observe him unconsciously floating into another language. He would get so engrossed in his subject matter, that he would switch tongues, so to speak. His classes were mostly electives, and very tough, but always full.

They didn’t offer Italian at the school, which was my son’s first choice, so he advised him to take French, master it and then pick up Italian the way he did. He actually spent time in Italy to do it, but he said you could really do it locally, if you put in the effort.

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