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What's the best wearable light for a 5k runner?

Asked by serenade (3784points) November 24th, 2012 from iPhone

My B-I-L runs every morning, often in the dark. I’d like to get him a light he can wear. What’s a good one?

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LL Bean sellsn my favorite, which I wear when the power is out,but it would work fine for a runner. I find it comfortable; the straps can be adjusted and I do have a lot of a hair for cushioning. The four LEDs give you a very bright light.

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Does he want a light? I kinda hate having any encumbrances when I run. I even replaced my fraction-of-an-ounce digital watch with an even tinier watch because I did not like the weight.

Obviously, not everybody shares my prejudice, what with all the runners with iPods we see.

Soooo, with that out of the way, if I had to wear a headlight it would as small as possible like the Petzl Tikkina 2.

The Petzl Zipka 2 is even smaller, but I think with a string instead of a strap it would bounce right off my head while running.

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Oh, and since I cast doubt on the gift choice, I should suggest an alternative.

Wool running socks are awesome!! They don’t flatten out and get stinky like other socks. Absolutely the best. I run and I bicycle and I hike and I work and all my socks are wool. They last longer. They work better. They ARE better. Wool/nylon mixed socks are great, too.

Pay attention to his preference – shorty socks or half socks or full socks.

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Thanks all. I think I found what I was looking for… for the curious.

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Odd I prefer to accustom myself to the dark if I am running. I have in the pitch black worn headlamps although I haven’t found one I love.

My point is when I run it is imperative i keep my hands lose. My particular technique is to flick my wrist downward as I step and breathe. I wonder if this would interfer with that. But then I suppose not all use this method.

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I personally don’t like carrying anything in my hands when I run. I have tried those water bottles with the elastic bands on that you keep in your hand and I hated them even though you are not actually holding onto them. I run with my dog and I designed and made a hands free running leash so I don’t have to hold the leash.

Then of course the question is do you want lights so as to see or to be seen. If you just want to be seen, you can get tiny flashers from bike shops that will clip onto the back of your shirt, they are virtually weightless and make you very visible. There there is the niterunner. That is the best of both worlds and the one I would get.

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oooh both the knucklelights and niterunner look better to me than a headlamp. More likely to stay in place.

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