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Are you a show off?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) November 28th, 2012

This question came about due to me encountering somebody who was clearly showing off today and it got me wondering as to whether or not we all have the capability to show off lurking inside us.

The even that made me think about this was seeing a guy driving along in an absolutely stunning brand new Aston Martin, but the fact he was driving one was not the showing off part. The showing off was due to the fact it was the soft top version and he had the top down and clearly this is fine in the summer, but its winter, the temperature was 5C without the wind chill so in the car it would have been below freezing. The driver, and presumably his wife, were wrapped up in more clothes than you would need to wear to ski across the Arctic and all because he wanted people to go ooooooo. (he did get the reaction oooo, but it was followed by a few choice words after it)

So are you a show off? What do you think of them? Have you ever met a show off?

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I crave attention. Positive attention. If I do something that I’m proud of (an achievement. Not a regular purchase. Anyone can spend money if they have money to spend) I like to show it off a little.

Oh? You really like my new boots? Do you believe I got them on clearance, on BOGO day, and got a free handbag? All in all? They practically paid me to take these off their hands. And the sale’s still going on. Want a pair? I’m going back this afternoon to see if they’ve pulled anything else out of the back.

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My housemate from 2 years ago was definitely a show off. He drove a rubbish convertible car and always had the top down even with freezing temperatures. When we went grocery shopping and I was in the back seat I suffered a lot with the chilly wind blasting right on my face.
He also smoked and had his music turned up so high we could barely speak to each other in the car and everyone else stared at us. He was very proud of it but I felt embarrassed.
We never got along very well.

I’m so sad he failed his first year. Twice.

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I show off when I’m playing video games at times. You have to boast when you critical 2000 damage to someone’s face.

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Depends what it’s about. Like Blackberry, videos games are my weakness. I’m also going to do a great deal of it during a game of Risk. (all social rules are off during Risk) .

In general though, not really. I don’t go out of my way to create any sort of image for showing off sake. If I do something I’m particularly proud of in my life I generally bring it up to friends (I suppose that could be considered showing off) but I don’t go out of my way to make sure everyone knows about whatever it was that I did.

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While I can show off, I usually don’t.

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I can be a know-it-all but that’s not the same as a show-off, is it? :-)

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Very much so, specially it is in a competitive setting. I also enjoy seeing others show off, I have great admiration for people who have a skill at doing something in a way that totally powns everyone else around them.

Video games are also a great example of this to me. I remember one time in particular, at about 5am me and 2 friends found our 3 level 50 characters cornered by a surprise raid of about 12 enemies. With a cunning plan I jumped off the back off the castle, and sneaked over to a big mod of NPCs I could pull, and then proceeded to have them chase me back to the castle, allowing us to kill 12 level 50 players with just 3 level 50 players aided by some AOE NPCs. This got boasted about and shown off over and over in the forums and site, and went on for about 2 weeks.

like a boss

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At times when I’m in a ‘mood’ I can be a show-off, otherwise usually not. Mostly when alcohol is involved…lol

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Maybe the guy was just really ENJOYING his cool car, and why shouldn’t he?
I wouldn’t consider myself a “show off” but, I have had my moments, everyone does.
I am a very accomplished horsewoman and have shown off by riding at a full gallop bareback and jumping jumps to impress my non-riding boyfriends over the years. I also LOVE being a comedienne and get genuine pleasure at making others laugh and stunning them with my quick witted and off the wall, arcane humor.

If you really shine at something have fun with it!

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I had a boss once who used to tell me, “It’s not bragging if it’s the truth.” If you’re a good cook, don’t be afraid to say it. If you rock at whatever, allow yourself to shine. You weren’t born with that talent – you worked your arse off to earn it. Even if it is kicking zombie butt in a video game.

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Praise makes me feel like I am being patronised. I prefer to work quietly on my projects and let what I do speak for itself. It is not humility though, mind you I never deny I do good work, when I do it, I just do not advertise my achievements. Something which, I have come to realise, can backfire quite quickly in an office environment for instance.

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Everyone has the potential to show off or be boastful. At the gym I see people all the time strutting around like big shots, so I will quietly sit next to them, do the exercise they are doing with a heavier weight then they are, sometimes even stare at them as I silently rep-out. Put said weights back, and then laugh as they stop making a complete spectacle of themselves.

We all can be assholes, we all can be arrogant. Even the Meekest of people. Say a 110lb 5–5 soft spoken blonde woman with a 450 BHP drop top camero will turn her hazards on after she blows your doors off just to make sure you know she won the race…

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No. I can recall times when I was young when I did and it felt bad and silly. I am not one to hide my achievements from those who need to know about them – but I don’t go around bragging or big noting myself. I even feel uncomfortable when people do it for me.

I have a colleague who regularly self-promotes. He makes a point of letting us all know about everything he wins, committees he is invited to sit on etc. One day I was sitting quietly while he was bragging and a couple of other staff started reeling off my achievements to show him up. I was truly horrified. I just hate that sort of attention.

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I never show off except to make a fool of myself. It’s all right for people to laugh at me. At least I feel like they’re being honest.

But sometimes I forget and start taking myself seriously, and then I’m in big trouble. Of course, I want people to take me seriously, but when I get my hopes up, and then they laugh at me, it’s kind of difficult. Better just to be a fool. You can’t really go much lower than a fool.

But I would hate to drive an Aston Martin and have people laugh at me. And they surely would. So instead I drive a beat up old hybrid.

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Not on purpose, but I like to make very elegant meals for guests. They’re very appreciative, but they tell me they can’t us back because they don’t make such fancy food. I’m kind of showing off that I can turn out that meal, and although I love to do it, it can have adverse effects.

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^ I also love to throw a good dinner party. Haven’t had a single return invite on any of them. They always show up the next time, though, so I know it’s not that they didn’t enjoy themselves!

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Yeah kinda, and honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it unless your entire sense of self-worth is built upon external praise. THAT is a problem…but if I worked hard on something and I want to show my friends the results of my efforts and I happen to enjoy being told I did a good job, so what.

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@Mariah Exactly! I think not feeling comfortable with what one shines in is more of a problem.
There is a big difference between being a braggart and simply feeling good because you KNOW your strengths. I think healthy self championing is a good thing.
Now, I might be able to out ride and out humor @Sunny2 and @Seek_Kolinahr but, gourmet meals….so not my strength.

I’d happily provide the entertainment for a gourmet meal. :-)

Speaking of which, I realized I could not identify a whole bunch of exotic veggies in the grocery store yesterday. They had to be gourmet items but I couldn’t name WTH they were if my life depended on it. Giant cucumber looking things, spiney little nettle things that cost $10 a lb. Just WHAT was I lookin’ at anyway gourmands?

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But that is the point @Coloma. There are different levels. It’s one thing to share positive news and another to brag about things. The way the information is delivered makes a big difference to how it’s received.

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@Bellatrix Agreed. I enjoy seeing others excelling in what they do best and am not prone to think they are bragging or showing off most of the time.

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I’ll introduce you to my colleague. You will see the difference.

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@Bellatrix Haha, I’ll take your word for it. Mr./Mrs./Ms. Vainglorious ey?

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Yes, I was trained from an early age to like attention for my accomplishments.

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Not any more, but I used to be.

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For the most part no, but I know when something I do is above and beyond and if it’s appropriate on the rare occasion then I will show off and expect praise for it (I’m thinking mostly work related here)

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I used to be… but now I’m in grad school and spend my days cowering in fear.

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I am a show off with certain people only. And it’s never about status markers but intellectual stuff, instead.

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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. But I suppose I wouldn’t be lying if I said I’m just that amazing to validate my showing up and off.

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Not really. I’m too insecure and wussy to be a show off. Plus chances are, I’ll just make an ass of myself. Although if I somehow get riled on, sometimes I can get kind of wild. Anyways, wanna see all my PlayStation trophies?

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I’m a mom-bragger, for sure. My kids are kind of awesome. ;)

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