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What do you think is causing the disappearance of honeybees?

Asked by stevenb (3831points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I was wondering if it could be caused by cell phones and wifi messing with them. I know it is called hive collapse disorder or something like that, but I haven’t heard of any KNOWN causes. What do you think? What will we do without them?

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Well I am no scientist but…it could be the wifi/cell tower signal theory or it could be Bee Aids. Either one. They really need some sex ed in the hive these days. Just say no to bee sex hasn’t worked for millenia.

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one theory is that a certain pesticide is disorienting them. I forget the name of the pesticide but I think they banned it in some European countries.

Source: my grandpa, a beekeeper (lost half of his hives last year)

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It is a frightening and complicated phenomenon. Just google Honey Bees. If the swarms really disappear, Mother Earth is in BIG trouble. I think that it is more than just one pesticide.

Many amateurs around here (rural central, eastern NY) are raising bees. My sister went from one hive to seven in a year and now has two electric fences set up to keep the local bears away. My bro-in-law is really very alluring in his haz-mat suit and smoker.

The bats, who eat millions of mosquitoes, are dying off in large numbers, which is also a really scary phenomenon.

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Chemtrails/other air pollutants.

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I thought that it was already concluded that the introduction of Australian Honey Bees included a bacterial strain which is what has caused CCD in American Honey Bees.

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They are not dissapearing! They are at my house! I can’t go outside without at least 2 or 3 bees flying around me!
I hate bee’s…....with a passion! So if anyone wants some bee’s come and get them please!?!

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@Row: are there definite conclusions or only educated guesses or speculation?

@Cheeb: are you sure that you are not seeing bumble bees, borer bees, wasps, hornets and yellowjackets? They are very different from the honey bee.

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I didnt mean to use so many !!‘s, sorry….
but seriously there are a shit load of bee’s around here and I would very much like to get rid of them so anyone who wants them, they are in Pomona ca…..
I don’t know what kinda bee’s they are but my neighbor said they are honey bee’s….

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Live and let live w. *bees. They sting only when truly annoyed; and w/o them we would have no pollination. Imagine the ultimate results to our food suppy if that were the case.

(1 = bee; 2 = bees… plain old plural. Bee’s means bee is.)

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my phone keeps changing it when I type it

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@cheeb:does that happen with all plurals, those that end in e, or just bees? Really odd unless Jobs has designed a nanogremlin to sit inside the phone and cause trouble.

Can you not either delete or backspace on the iPhone?

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Bees. Bees. Bees. Working fine for me. (I’m on my iPhone by the way – not just typing bees on a computer.)

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im not making this up i sware!✞

Secrets of Auto Suggest:
Auto-suggest works like a real-time spell checker on your iPhone and is only visible when it pops up a word suggestion in Email, Notes or other apps. It’s a little confusing at first: if it makes a suggestion and you type a space after the word, it accepts it whether you wanted it or not. To keep it from doing this, you must press the x by the suggested word to dismiss it. Seems backwards, but as time goes by its accuracy improves and you’ll find you’re dismissing less and less.

No, it’s not your imagination. It learns to be more accurate for your typing. Auto-suggest takes words from a list built into memory, from your address book and from a user-built list. And you’re the user who’s been building this list from the first time you typed on your iPhone. The second time you dismissed a word, used the space bar, used punctuation or typed a return, iPhone has added your unrecognized words to the list. Also when you ‘ve dismissed a suggestion twice the phonw ill no longer suggest it.

The reality is that if you’ve made a flub, you may actually start seeing the flub as a suggested spelling. But not to fear, autosuggest ranks words according to use. Since you never use the flub it will keep ranking the flub lower on the list and eventually stop suggesting it.

If you’ve really messed up the first few days you had your iPhone, you can delete the user auto-suggest list: go to Home>Settings>General>Reset>Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

On the other hand if you want to improve your odds off the bat, create a seed list. Just create a new Contact on your iPhone and type into the note field the words you want to add, each separated by a space. Since it scans your Contacts as a word source, it will suggest these words. If you use a lot of technical terms, slang or SMS abbreviations, this will greatly improve your typing speed. You can seed these words by typing them into a Contact entry on your desktop and then sync if to your iPhone.

Another point on the keyboard is that your iPhone guesses what you’re trying to type based on the keys around where you hit. So if you missed a key in the middle of the word, it will determine what keys you could have been trying for based on the frequency of words you use instead of one thatÕs more commonly used. Type ouzza and you get pizza. So even when you type fast and flub, many times auto-suggest has you covered.

It has been reported on the Net that will contractions like he’ll and I’ll require you to type a third l so it can determine them from will and ill. However, if you just type them in manually twice or store them in a Contact notes field theyÕll become suggestions. Just like they’ll.

And another thing: The keyboard actually increases the size of the touch area for keys based on what it expects you’ll type. So when you type tim it enlarges the area of the e key since w and r are not likely candidates.

What all this mean is that once you get moving with the iPhone keyboard not only do you improve, but your iPhone improves too.

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@cheeb: I lurve it when you talk geek!

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There’s only one thing that the Human race and Al Gore can blame, GOBAL WARMING!

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poison nectar. lol. jk.

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@sndfreQ~ thank you! ; )

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“GENOMICS: Puzzling Decline of U.S. Bees Linked to Virus From Australia”

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@cheeb; I sware (sic) that I didn’t understand a word of what you wrote; but I take it on faith.

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Cellphones aren’t causing it. And it is true that Bats are disappearing now too. There earth is going through a Natural Change right now. What is going on is this thing called the Schumann Resonances that about 98% of the population has no idea what it is. The Schumann Resonances is the frequency between the Earth and the ionosphere. And ever since they have been able to measure this frequency it has been at a constant 7.8 hertz per second. In 1986 the frequency started to go up a little bit. And now it is up to around 11 hertz per second. The Human Brain has a certain brain wave frequency that is very close to the earth’s Schumann Resonance of 7.8 hertz per second. All mammals have a frequency simuliar to a humans brain wave frequency. Since the frequency of the earth is going up bee’s cannot compromise for it and adapt to the changes so they are just dying off. The same thing is going on with bats now too. They hear certain frequencies when they exit caves and different things.

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