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What Game Should I Get?

Asked by Dwaldo50 (9points) June 6th, 2008

I Have a Xbox 360, No Live, I Like Sports/Shooting/RPG games, I Currently have Skate,All Pro Football 2K8, NHL 08, And The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

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what kind of games do you like? and are you getting or have xbox live?

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@jamzzy, both of your questions are answered in the description

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Not a Sports/Shooting/RPG game, but we have Rock Band at work and it’s the only game we play now.

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he just updated it haha well deff get nba live and a madden theyre just AMAZINGLY FUN time wasters. assassins creed is sweet. as far as shooting goes theyre ALMOST pointless without live….but still fun no doubt. halo COD4. guitar hero 3 not rockband i like it better for some reason.

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well my friend has ROCK BAND and we play it at his house once every week.

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i wan’t to get madden when it comes out in august and i’m also waiting for GHWT, Legends. i have Skate, NHL 08, and Oblivion.

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oblivion was waaayyy to complicated for me.oh yes if you like RPG’s GET FABLE 2!

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I dont care what kind of games you like. GTA IV is awesome.

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GTA IV! COD 4 is a great FPS. Sports games are easy. Fable 2 will be awesome when it finally comes out. Gears 2 will be awesome as well!

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Get COD4, easily the best game I have played for ages, beats GTAIV.

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